December 2, 2023

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The Catalan independentist new MEP is not a woman of the Renaissance, but a paradigm of the Catalan 'procés', of the permanent cheating on which the independence story is based.

Luis Mauri – Saturday 15/02/2020

The specialization demanded by technocapitalism converts scholarship into a capricious eccentricity.  A lot has changed since the Renaissance.  Genovese Leon Battista Alberti (1404-1472) issued the first Renaissance commandment: the artist must not be a simple craftsman, but an intellectual trained in all disciplines.  Alberti practiced what he preached : he was an architect, secretary of three popes, mathematician, poet, linguist, philosopher, humanist, cryptographer, archaeologist and musician.  He may have had hobbies. 

Six centuries later, everything is different. Which makes sense.  Today you can study at the Scottish University of St. Andrews under a reputed professor of Economics and at the same time hear from her mouth one historical barbarity after another.

Professor Ponsati, an independent MEP, spends her time in the House fantasizing that Hitler conceived the final solution under the influence of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Those damned Spanish,  it runs in their veins.  The professor omits that by then pogroms had already been perpetrated in almost all of Europe.  The Catalans of the crown of Aragon were no less: on August 5, 1391 they carried out a razzia Jewish quarter of Barcelona and massacred its inhabitants.  For the sake of the students of Ponsatí in St. Andrews (which by 1492 had already been standing for almost a century), it is to be hoped that her economic knowledge will be stronger than the historical. 

Paradigm of the ‘procés’

Ponsatí is not a Renaissance woman, but a paradigm of the ‘procés’.  From the lies on which the procés is based.  The voice of Junqueras still reverberates on TV-3 shortly before 1-O: Europe would endorse without hesitation an independent Catalonia, as it did in 1991 with the Baltic republics separated from a dying USSR.  The same condition and the same context, spot on.  Junqueras is even more embarrassing : he was Professor of History at the UAB.

There is no room for the mayor of Vic. Just to regret what a great anthropologist the university missed out on. Very few like Erra have the gift of being able to distinguish with a simple review of the mountain body a Catalan from another who is not.  Renaissance erudition.

AJC Transatlantic Institute reaction (AJC is the Brussels-based EU Office of the American Jewish Committee):

Dear @ClaraPonsati, amid a debate on antisemitism in the @Europarl_EN, you chose to trivialize the Holocaust and instrumentalize the genocide of six million Jews to advance a completely unrelated political agenda. Please retract this unacceptable remark.



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