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The Republican, acting president of Catalan government, calls to prevent Vox from conditioning the institutions with its support for the socialist party PSC. Then an enraged mob attacks the Vox electoral act in Vic. Rovira appeals to the useful vote for being ERC the only one that can stop the socialists.

Xabi Barrena – Barcelona – 6/2/2021
The ERC candidate, Pere Aragonès, at a Young Republican event in Barcelona. / ERC – MARC PUIG

The president of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya-ERC, Pere Aragonès, acting president of Catalan Government, struck, as in recent days, against the silence maintained by the PSC candidate, Salvador Illa, when asked whether or not he would accept Vox’s votes in an eventual investiture, such as the far-right force has offered. In an act with the youth of the party, in Barcelona, ​​Aragonès called for the mobilization of the young vote “to fight against fascism, as in the 1930s, with the Macià-Companys column”, referring to a militia made up of a thousand of ERC militants who were formed after the Franco coup and who fought in the civil war.

“We have to make it impossible for the extreme right to condition our institutions,” said Aragonès, who established a thread between what he calls the ‘Arrimadas operation’, the ‘Valls’ and, now, the ‘Illa’, always aimed at achieving that constitutionalism occupies the Palau de la Generalitat seat of Catalan government. “They want to make a ‘Valls’ with Illa,” he claimed, referring to the votes of the former French prime minister in support of Ada Colau to prevent the independentist Ernest Maragall from being mayor of Barcelona. If this happened, the ERC coordinator maintained, “the basic consensus of recent decades, such as that of the Catalan school, would be jeopardized.”

The words of Pedro Sánchez this week, in which, to criticize PP leader Pablo Casado, praised the “sense of State of Vox”, show, following ERC, an intention to “whiten fascism, as a first step to accept their votes. “

The general secretary of republicans, Marta Rovira, in connection from Geneva, reiterated the appeal “to the useful vote of independentism” towards her party, the only one, she said, “capable of confronting a socialist PSC party capable of anything, of making any sum, even the unspeakable [accepting the votes of the extreme right] to come to power ”.

Independence without shortcuts

Rovira also asserted that “independence is not reached by shortcuts” and that ERC wants to proclaim the republic “so that it does not last eight seconds.” To do this, she encouraged the dissemination of the republican discourse: “Republic means defending public schools, public hospitals, public universities …”. In fact, before, Raül Romeva had already asserted that “this is not about flags, but about rights.”

Number 2 of republican party also addressed the events of October 2017. “On 1-O, we won. And that will be a seed that will flourish in future generations. But as of October 3, we lost the initiative due to the offensive by land, sea and air of a state that threw violence and repression,” she said.




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