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On 18 September, the struggle for civil rights has a date. How strange it sounds in "democratic" Spain to talk about civil rights! On 18 September at 12:30 p.m. at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, convened by "Escuela de Todos / Escola de Tothom", we will be demanding that Castilian or Spanish (it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter) should be the language of instruction, on a par with Catalan.

Vicente Serrano, 23 August 2022

Member of Junta d’Alternativa Ciudadana Progresista and author of ‘El valor real del voto’.

‘Rage’ without ‘common sense’ generates hatred

National-secessionist neo-fascism wears victimising clothing, comparing itself to the Jews massacred in the Nazi extermination camps or to the blacks enslaved in America. They feel they are millenarian victims of a state that grants them full autonomy, as if it were a confederation, with a government that is clearly secessionist and disloyal, a government that does not comply with court rulings and that is consented to, and even rewarded, by the national government.

Its influence over the national government is such that the proven criminal acts committed by the secessionists will soon be decriminalised… which will facilitate new coups d’état, and new legislative barbarities such as Law 8/2022 of 9 June on the “use and learning of official languages in non-university education”, approved with the votes of the PSC.

The procés is not dead, it is alive and well and fed by the government of Pedro Sánchez. The successive governments we have suffered in Spain, both those of the PSOE and the PP, have always been lax in the face of the advance of nationalism. They have always appeased them, they have always given them more than they received in return, and they have always agreed to bargains in which it was the citizens who lost out. From the Majestic Pact with Aznar (and even before), to Pedro Sánchez’s Dialogue Table.

The State structures that the Generalitat endowed secessionism in 2017 with (in addition to those it had already been endowing itself with before) were momentarily paralysed by the application (the very lax application) of Article 155 by Mariano Rajoy’s government. But today they are still fully operational, within and beyond our borders.

Fascism and intransigence.

Of all the mobilisations that separatism promoted, one of the most obfuscated, intransigent and fascist is still going strong. They gathered around a group of hotheads who called themselves or call themselves “Meridiana Resisteix”. They began to cut off Avenida Meridiana in Barcelona every day for two hours, from eight to ten at night, in October 2019, demanding amnesty for all those convicted of the failed coup d’état of 2017. They caused many conflicts with neighbours, apart from the inconvenience to pedestrians, cars and shopkeepers. Traffic jams were terrible and affected several districts of the city.

They transmitted hatred in the neighbourhoods where they carried out the blockade: working-class neighbourhoods where secessionism has little influence, and where it gets the fewest votes. They dressed up as neighbours and represented nobody. They appropriated beautiful protest songs, such as Bella Ciao, which made them believe they were revolutionaries and that their cause was just. Nothing could be further from the truth. They promote hatred of everything Spanish, which they associate with the far right, without being aware that they are the far right.

In December 2020, some of us residents formed a neighbourhood platform, “Meridiana Sin Cortes”, and, after many demonstrations – some on foot, others in vehicles – we managed, in March of this year, to get their recurrent demonstrations banned. Today they continue to gather, less and less, in the RENFE square, next to Meridiana, they cut off some adjacent street and continue shouting their hatred.

We, the neighbours, won. We were the neighbours. It is true that politicians came to give support: some, from the parliamentary right, and others, from the non-parliamentary left. Alternativa Ciudadana Progresista was always there and facilitated with its organisation the permits for the rallies and vehicle demonstrations. Once the victory was won, we withdrew.

The PSC was invited (I was at the meeting) to support us and participate, but refused. Incomprehensibly, once the residents managed to stop the roadblocks, they published leaflets in which they shamelessly claimed victory.

Tribute to the victims of 17 August on the Ramblas.

The people of “Meridiana Resisteix” never miss an opportunity to pour out their hatred of everything Spanish. At the tribute to the victims of 17 August on the Ramblas, faces from this group could be seen interrupting the minute’s silence in honour of the victims and spewing their hatred of Spain, feeding a baseless conspiracy. The only thing missing, of course, was the praise for the corrupt ex-president of the Catalan Parliament. These are the monsters generated by the conscious unreason of national-secessionism.

And here we are, with a numb, stunned society that has forgotten that its members are the political subjects, the owners of sovereignty. The majority of Catalan society is not secessionist, but, between the electoral system and apathy, today the secessionists are the majority in the Catalan Parliament.

Bilingualism and civil rights.

On 18 September, the struggle for civil rights has a date. How strange it sounds in “democratic” Spain to talk about civil rights! On 18 September at 12:30 p.m. at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, convened by “Escuela de Todos / Escola de Tothom”, we will be demanding that Castilian or Spanish (it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter) should be the language of instruction, on a par with Catalan.

See you there! The left will be there, the left that believes in equality without distinction of race, sex or language.



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