March 28, 2023

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The former Catalan president requests that criticism between governments be accompanied by a "constructive spirit" and "co-responsibility"

04/29/2020 17:18

Montilla Newsroom

The former president of the Generalitat, José Montilla, has asked the independence movement to pause the process while the health emergency lasts and has urged the Catalan government to join the pacts for reconstruction promoted by the central executive: “Do not use the proces to prevent or hinder that state pact for social and economic reconstruction”.

The former socialist leader has requested it in an article published this Wednesday in La Vanguardia, where he has defended that a pact similar to the one proposed by Pedro Sánchez will be required in Catalonia and has asked the Catalan executive not to remain on the sidelines of the one promoted by the central government : “Catalonia must be part of the solutions and not an obstacle to achieving them. To defend the prestige and usefulness of our institutions of self-government, too doomed to political confrontation. To defend self-government itself and guarantee, with constructive participation, that the measures adopted do not imply any backward step in the distribution of the territorial power”.

Montilla has made it clear that he is not calling on the independence movement to renounce its political objective, but rather a stop: “I ask for a pause. Not a resignation, nor an abandonment of the dialogue necessary to seek solutions to the underlying political problems ” At the same time, the former Catalan president has recalled that independence is an objective “entirely legitimate if it is placed within the framework of respect for the democratic rules of the game.”

Likewise, the former Catalan president has asked that the criticisms made of the other public administrations be accompanied by a “constructive spirit” and “co-responsibility.” “What is the point in becoming prophets of the catastrophe, telling others what is to be done without being able to do correctly what is under their own competences? “, the former senator of the PSC questioned.

Montilla has pointed out that the current crisis is much more serious than that of 2008, has admitted that many citizens felt unprotected by governments and has regretted that some political leaders added to the climate of dissatisfaction with political interests: “In Catalonia, someone considered the usefulness of riding the wave of dissatisfaction to avoid the consequences and get political returns. We have seen the result: a lost decade for our country”.

On the other hand, the former president of the Generalitat has assured that we must work to save both the economy and health, since he understands that there is no dichotomy between the two areas.


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