December 11, 2023

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MPs of this sovereignist formation have included among the beneficiaries of their donations the "Fons Republicà d’Acció Social", an entity that lacks legal existence


Eight JxCAT MPs have taken advantage of donations for the coronavirus to send funds to Carles Puigdemont in Waterloo. This is seen in the document ‘Donations from the deputies of JxCAT to face the covid-19’, to which El Confidencial has had access. Eight deputies from this group have included among the beneficiaries of their donations the “Fons Republicà d’Acció Social”, the brand under which Waterloo has tried to redirect its activity to donations to fight the pandemic. The problem: the Fons Republicà as such does not exist, it is CATGlobal ASBL, the association that manages the funds of the “Consell per la República” and which is based in Belgium.

The Belgian environment of Puigdemont is lavish in fictions that only operate by conventions of a certain community. For example, the “Consell per la República” that presides over Carles Puigdemont himself. Does not exist. It has no legal identity. It does not have fiscal identification. The same goes for the “Fons Republicà d’Acciò Social”: Puigdemont himself acknowledges in his proposal for a tax revolt for this income campaign that its contributions are only donations to CATGlobal ASBL. Despite its non-legal existence, the Consell’s operations are supported by CATGlobal or entities such as CATCiP AISBL, which controls the registration of citizens, those independentists who paid 10 euros and have been waiting for a mobile application and a citizenship card since then. that did not arrive, despite Waterloo’s promises.

JxCAT spokespersons have been asked how much has been donated to the “Fons Republicà”. Unanswered. It has been required if there is a differentiated accounting between CATGlobal ASBL and the “Fons”. There has also been no response. It has also been questioned whether the money is actually going to CATGlobal. Again without response.

Officially, spokespersons for JxCAT have indicated that “the contributions made by MPs on the occasion of Covid-19 have been made individually, not made by the parliamentary group. Therefore, each MP knows the exact amount they have wanted to allocate. Regarding fiscal data, since there is no relationship between the parliamentary group and this fund, we do not have the data. ” In other words, the parliamentary group looks the other way. In practice, CATGlobal ASBL does not make its accounts public. On its website, it is assured that the “Fons Republicà” has captured more than 77,000 euros to fight the coronavirus. But sovereign MPs have blindly handed over their money as the parliamentary group looks the other way. The only information on how CATGlobal ASBL spends money has been provided by a website linked to independentism,, and they are general and very vague figures that end in 2018.

Document reflecting donations



The amounts sent to Waterloo by sovereign MPS are insignificant. Also because the donations are small and fragmented between three or four recipients, so that it is not known what is sent to each place. But they will not be relevant figures. For example, Josep Costa, Vice President of the Parliament. In addition to the “Fons Republicà”, Costa distributes its 1,550 euros between Òmnium Cultural, VHIR Fundació, Pain, Fundación Clínic, UPF Fundació and Fundació Mataró. Therefore, the quantity sent to Brussels is low.

JxCAT equates this donation policy of the “Consell per la República” of Carles Puigdemont to that of the Hospital Clínic

In addition to Costa, the MP Aurora Madaula has incurred in this practice. Like Costa, it is very close to Puigdemont. The other six MPS are Elena Fort, Glòria Freixa, Saloua Laouaji, Josep Riera, Mònica Sales and Francesc Ten, according to the list.

Donors thus equate the alleged fund created by Puigdemont with groups from the entity of Cáritas, the Hospital Clínic or the Fundació Trueta, just to list some entities that have also received donations from those eight MPs. At first glance, its work on behalf of those affected by the coronavirus does not seem comparable.

ERC passes

One might think that the “Fons Republicà” is assimilated to the independentist world. Well, no. No member of the ERC has considered that the “Fons Republicà” was a good alternative for donations against the coronavirus.

On April 7, it was agreed in the Parliament that the MPs would donate a part of their salary to fight the pandemic. It was also agreed that four million from the Catalan Chamber’s budget would be contributed collectively.



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