February 28, 2024

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Home » Content » Agents of riot units BRIMO of Catalan police (Mossos) visit police agents of the UIP (police intervention units) injured in the riots in Catalonia
Four members of the Catalan police gifted chocolates and t-shirts to their colleagues of UIP

The intense week of riots in Catalonia resulted in about 600 wounded, of which 288 are from the different police forces. There are still hospitalized agents and this Thursday four mossos of the Catalan Mobile Brigade (BRIMO) went to the Hospital Sant Pau to visit them and give boxes of chocolates and t-shirts to the agents of the Intervention Unit (UIP)

It has been a gesture that the agents have made in their personal capacity to cheer up the injured agents of the Police Intervention Unit (IPU). An act of fellowship with those who worked at their side to try to stop the social uprisings after knowing the sentence of the process.

Sant Pau Hospital

A policeman from Vigo seriously injured still in the Intensive Care Unit

From the visit a photograph was shown in which the four agents are seen, all of them in uniform, next to one of the injured policemen. Although some media have mistakenly speculated that the one in the image is the Vigo agent who was seriously injured, he still remains in the intensive care unit and cannot receive visitors.

This photograph has caused some indignation in social networks, although it demonstrates the “extraordinary coordination between police forces” as stated by the acting Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska. “It does not matter the color of the uniform, but the delivery to guarantee the rights of citizenship,” said the minister.



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