April 21, 2024

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"We are the good ones, the fantastic ones and those who do things well"

The lawyer and former deputy of Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència, Alfons López Tena affirmed that the pro-independence movement “wants moral superiority” to be able to say that “we are the good ones, the fantastic ones, those who do things well”. The lawyer explained that the pro-independence leaders used independence “as blackmail” for the Spanish government to make an offer.

The former deputy, who participated this Thursday night in a live conversation from the Instagram of Citizens MEP, Jordi Cañas, also recalled that “they said they had a plan but then they had not prepared anything.”

“They were constantly asking for an offer, independence is used as blackmail,” said the lawyer. “They say: they don’t offer us. Have you heard Jefferson or Nehru or the dozens of independence movements saying they don’t offer us? No, what they said was: we want another country and the best way is an independent state and that they don’t rule us, “he said.

“What has the State’s response been? Do it, no problem. And what has happened? Nothing,” he explained. “Remember when they said they had a secret plan and they said it couldn’t be said and when the moment of truth came, they hadn’t prepared anything at all, why? Because they didn’t want independence, because their people doesn’t want it either,” said the former deputy.

López Tena argued during the conversation that some Catalans “wish but do not want” independence. “It is that what you want to get closer to but do not want to achieve. What is desired but not wanted. In the Catalan case it is specific,” he explained, detailing that the “moral superiority is what is wanted: we are the good ones, the fantastic ones, those who do things well, because failure is what gives us reason. Failure is the test that gives us reason “.

The MEP for Citizens, Jordi Cañas, considered the parliamentary irruption of Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència as “the appearance of a disruptive independence movement” and pointed out that “we respected each other a lot because we spoke clearly”. “The independence movement in Catalonia in 2010 was something very plastic, Solidaritat was movement without complexs, they spoke harshly, but we respected each other a lot because we were precisely speaking clearly,” said the MEP.

Cañas defined Tena as a “character with a deep cultural concern” who values ​​”ethics and aesthetics” and “critical of hypocrisy and lies, therefore, very critical of the process.”



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