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The president of the Advisory Council of the Civic Forum, dissolved by the Generalitat for its internal problems, now attacks the institutions, urging them to break the 'autonomist seams'

María Jesús Cañizares

05.08.2019 11:57 h.

Unable to promote a Catalan constitution, Lluís Llach now calls for disobedience. The singer-songwriter and former MCP of Junts pel Sí considers “strange that people in the streets are asked to be ready for civil disobedience when the institutions, both of them, do not accept the challenge of institutional disobedience. You cannot ask the country for a Republican attitude while government and parliament do not break the autonomist seam”. He has said this in social networks, as a criticism for the resistance of institutions to implement the Catalan Republic.

He does so two weeks after the Generalitat decided to dissolve the Advisory Council of the Civic and Social Forum for the Constituent Debate, chaired by Lluís Llach himself and whose purpose was to generate a debate to lay the foundations of the future Catalan constitution. However, as Crónica Global reported, after having access to the minutes of the meetings of this shady company of the procést, its performance has been characterized by internal fights, discomfort over government interference, as well as the lack of a communication strategy and economic resources. In nine months of life, the Council did not present any report or opinion to the Government. Today, the order to suppress it is published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia (DOGC).


“There is an obvious concern of various members of the Council for not generating false expectations to the people” and “often a real mess between what is and what does the Council is caused”, warned the members of this body – made up, among others, by the Republican Marta Rovira, the ex-Podemos Albano Dante Fachín, the CUP Gabriela Serra and the journalist Beatriz Talegón– according to the minutes of January 2019. Although the first disagreements date back to January 2018: “There is an important lack of consensus (which is absolutely essential) in relation to the real objectives of the Forum and what is the process that the Council must follow. At this point, it seems to constantly go back and forth without finding a turning point”, they confess.

Minutes of the month of January of the Civic and Social Forum for the Constituent Debate

After the resounding failure of that organization, Llach attacks the institutions faced with an alleged “hot autumn” that goes through the celebration of the Diada and the “independence anniversaries” – rupture sessions of the Parliament on September 6 and 7, approval of the DUI, referendum of 1-O — and, above all, the Supreme Court ruling on the procés.




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