March 28, 2023

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Professionals from different media have been subjected to verbal aggressions in street rallies of different political signs

More than thirty parliamentary journalists have starred in a sitting in the halls of the Catalan Parliament before the plenary session began on Wednesday, protesting for the aggressions suffered by some press professionals when they cover demonstrations in Catalonia. Among the participants in this symbolic action, promoted by the association of parliamentary journalists Col·lectiu Ciutadella, were professionals from all media who work in Catalonia.

The protest sitting arrives at the gates of the sentence of the procés, after which a new cycle of mobilizations is foreseeable. A group of pro-independence protesters demonstrating last October 1 in Barcelona rebuked, bullied and threw objects at the reporter of Telecinco Laila Jiménez. In recent times, other professionals from other media in concentrations of different political signs have also been subjected to verbal aggressions in Catalonia.

Throughout the fifteen minutes that the action lasted, representatives of all the groups with representation in the Parliament have approached the journalists to be interested in the reasons for the protest, as well as different members of the Government including the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra. The spokesman of the Col·lectiu Ciutadella, Rafa Garrido, has explained that all of them have been asked “commitment to forcefulness in the condemnation of the acts that have been and if there are new”, regardless of the sign of the demonstration and the medium in which the attacked person works. They have also been urged to do “prior pedagogy” among the people who come to the demonstrations: “People who go out to demonstrate listen to politicians a lot,” he stressed.


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