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Police unions demand from the Government a salary supplement for those destined to Catalonia

8 June 2020

A police van goes over a burning barricade October 2019. ALBERTO DI LOLL

Catalonia is going to stay in “red numbers” with agents of the National Police. This is the opinion of the main unions that have asked the Higher Police Headquarters of Catalonia in Barcelona to forward their complaints about the lack of personnel to the General Directorate of Police, as well as the request for “timely measures to prevent the escape of police officers” . They warn that this year more than 800 officials will leave the community and the replacement rate by newly recruited police officers is well below that number, so there will be “a scarce workforce.”

Among the measures they are asking for are the economic ones, since they take into account “the cost of living in this community” by remarking that according to various studies “Catalonia is the region of Spain where it is most expensive to live, without counting the tax burden which are also the most expensive. ” So they demand a salary supplement for the agents assigned.

However, the police unions detail the “autonomous and municipal political climate that exists in Catalonia” since “the territorial organization was in danger and the rule of law was broken”. They consider that this “social climate” exists, causing a high “participation in acts against the State, focusing part of their actions against police premises, being one of its images. These issues obviously affect the quality of life of the police officer causing them to request a transfer to another part of the national territory in order to minimize this risk for them and their family environment “.

That is why they point out that Catalonia is “the least desirable destination, not generating any kind of roots among the officials and that they are willing to leave even with the risk of loss of scale” sometimes “triangulating for a third destination before returning to their place of origin”. They also reject a “mandatory replacement with newly incorporated officials · since” it generates many problems, such as a lack of middle managers, with a certain inexperience. “” The new ones leave and the older ones retire in large numbers, “they assure.

Regarding salary equalization, the police unions defy the “considerable” salary difference with the Catalan police Mossos d’Esquadra, although they consider that “some financial compensation should be established for the officials assigned here based on all the peculiarities outlined, as it exists in other communities in which there are or have been situations that justify it or have justified it in the past “, such as the Basque Country and Navarra, the Islands, the Autonomous Provinces or” Plus of capital status of Madrid “.

The unions detail that there is no “rooting” among the newest officials and that in the 2020 General Merits Contest 800 agents have requested to leave Catalonia “more than a quarter of the workforce avails themselves of their legitimate right, and given that the catalog of jobs is obsolete and does not conform to the current reality, provokes a dismantling of the National Police staff, not only in Barcelona but throughout Catalonia. “


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