September 30, 2023

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The leader of the PSC proposes to "adjust the Criminal Code" to benefit them, although there are still "no concrete proposals"


Change the law to benefit the pro-independence politicians who broke it. The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has not ruled out this Monday to reform the Criminal Code to “relieve some of the penalties” of the nationalist leaders jailed for driving the secessionist process in 2017.

Iceta has been asked about this issue in line with the positioning of the Unidos Podemos leader in Congress, Jaume Asens, who has defended to carry out a criminal reform “in the coming months” that “would result in” prisoners “recover freedom” .

“It’s on the table”

“I do not dare to assume temporary commitments, because the parliamentary process of any reform requires some time and then it will be the justice that assesses how to apply the result of this reform to sentences that have already been handed down,” Iceta said during his visit to La Canonja (Tarragona) to evaluate the consequences of the explosion of a plant last month in the petrochemical industry.

The leader of the Catalan Socialists, despite everything, has recognized that the reform of the Criminal Code “is a possibility that is on the table, is being studied and can help to lighten the situation of people convicted by the process.”

Change sedition and rebellion

Iceta has echoed the opinions of jurists who warn that “the figures of rebellion and sedition contained in the Criminal Code do not fit well enough with what really happened in Catalonia” in autumn 2017.

According to Iceta, “one of the possibilities is a reform of the Criminal Code that among other things includes a change in the regulation of the crimes of rebellion and sedition,” although “there are those who also talk about recovering the crime by illegal summons of a referendum or the creation of a crime of attack against the Constitution. “

“Relieve penalties”

That reform, in his opinion, can contribute to “alleviate some of the penalties relapsed on the occasion of the Supreme Court ruling on the process.”

“Adjusting the Criminal Code to this reality can contribute to lower penalties,” he insisted.

“We are working on these issues,” he said, although there are “no concrete proposals to comment on.”

Asens and his long-awaited independence referendum

Iceta has unmarked himself from Asens at another point: the desire of the Podemite leader to carry out an independent independence referendum in Catalonia “in this decade”, as he has stated in El Periódico.

“I don’t see it,” said Iceta, a supporter “not of a referendum on independence” but of seeking “an agreement” and then “ratifying it in a consultation.”

“We are not thinking of a consultation to separate, but to ratify and unite,” he added.


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