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The European Parliament hosts an act of Historiadors de Catalunya with Benoît Pellistrandi, Alesia Slizhava, Manuel Peña and Gabriel Tortella

Alejandro Tercero 5/12/2019

The nationalist majority of the Parliament rejected the appearance of the representatives of the Historiadors de Catalunya association. The objective was none other than to express their conclusions about the dangers of nationalist manipulation of history.

Finally, it has been in Brussels where this association has been able to hold a debate with the title Rewriting of the history of nationalisms in Europe. In this act, held yesterday in the library of the European Parliament, the historians have participated Benoît Pellistrandi, Alesia Slizhava, Manuel Peña and Gabriel Tortella, presented by Jordi Cañas and Óscar Uceda.

The role of the EU

One of the most debated points has been the role that the EU has to play in the handling of textbooks in the teaching of history in primary and secondary schools.

Tortella has suggested that these manuals should be subject to criticism from qualified committees.

The “abuse” of “national stories”

Manuel Peña has stated that these abuses must be fought by demonstrating the absurdity of the national stories that, manipulated or not, are doomed to failure.

And along the lines of Professor Gruzinski, he recalled that it is the moment of stories connected with a common thread that crosses the European community and a global history scenario that facilitates the understanding of the plurality of the present.



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