February 27, 2024

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Home » Content » Flatterers in retreat. Maiol Roger (Political Editor-in-chief of separatist newspaper “Ara News”): “failure repeats”
The head of politics of the separatists newspaper 'Ara News', Maiol Roger, criticizes this Wednesday in an opinion article the strategy of the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, based on the "introducing trolls in the network", the "pompous declarations" and the "master plays". "The plot of promise, rogue secrecy and failure is repeated. At each new broadcast, the movie loses interest and the popcorn is getting cold, "he says.

Roger also recalls that the former Catalan president promised to return to Catalonia if he won, first, the Catalan elections and, later, he repeated the “mantra” during the European campaign. “He affirmed from the sufficiency of who knows himself victor without getting off the bus,” says the head of policy of the separatist journal ‘Ara’ News, who adds that the lawyer Gonzalo Boye said that “the president and Toni Comin would enter the Parliament but could not explain the strategy ‘because if it would be very boring’ “.

The journalist also questions the statements made on Tuesday by the spokesman of Junts per Catalunya, Albet Batet, warning that “there will be a ‘serious democratic crisis’ in the EU for the exclusion of Puigdemont and Comín.” “The same Europe that chose Josep Borrell, a Catalan himself “not exactly a friend of the process”, as head of european diplomacy does not seem very worried,” says Maiol Roger.

The head of politics of the separatist newspaper ‘Ara News’ believes that the inability of Puigdemont to be an MEP is one of “the injustices that fill Europe”, but recommends “rethinking his strategy.” “The trolling in the networks, the pompous declarations that only seek the applause of the furious and the masterful plays to keep satisfied the already convinced ones clash again and again with the reality”, concludes Roger.



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