December 3, 2023

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The Catalan representation in Germany had called a press conference as a propaganda measure after the sentence of the process

Rosalía Sánchez Corresponsal de COPE en Berlín 15 oct 2019 – 11:12 Actualizado 12:54

The Representation Office of Catalonia in Germany had chosen for the occasion the House of the Press, the headquarters of the main international media of the German capital. The call of the press conference to assess yesterday’s sentence had been sent, as usual, to both the German media and the Foreign Press Association, which brings together permanent correspondents in Germany. And in room 0107 a breakfast with fresh croissants, fruit salad, coffee and drinks had been arranged for journalists. But if on previous occasions calls like this had received a wide response from the German media, this time the external communication effort was completely ignored. Only a German journalist has attended the event, a freelance that has published articles in Junge Welt, a radical left-wing newspaper that functions as a cooperative. The number of people displaced from the Office of Representation of Catalonia to the House of the Press to attend the media therefore multiplied their representatives sixfold.

After a speech by the director of the Office, Maria Kapretz, in which she has denounced that civil liberties are violated in Spain and that there is “a justice of two classes for the benefit of the elites”, has given way to the questions. The only assistant journalist has been interested in the steps to follow from now on, to which Ignacio Portela has responded that appeal for amparo and Strasbourg Court. As there were no more questions, the act concluded fifteen minutes after it began.


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