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A new process of confrontation with the State as the only way in his opinion to achieve independence in Catalonia: a pact between the different sovereign leaders is launched by 'expresident' Carles Puigdemont as a friendly challenge to the whole pro-independence movement. He rejects the path of sovereign social growth as the only successful option. It considers disobedience as a way and criticizes the repression of the State and sovereign defeatism.

Fidel Masreal BARCELONA – FRIDAY, 08/21/2020 – 18:28

Carles Puigdemont during his conference at the Universitat Catalana d’Estiu. / ALEIX FREIXAS / ACN

The ‘expresident’ Carles Puigdemont, has launched a friendly challenge to the whole of pro-independence movement: a pact between the different sovereign leaders to propose a new process of confrontation with the State, as the only way in his opinion to achieve independence. “There are many of us who are aware that the only passable, realistic path without false illusions is the management of an intelligent confrontation with the State, it is the least secure democratic path, the most uncertain, we would prefer another but we have no other, unfortunately” , has stated.

“If we decide that we want to climb the steps that are necessary [for independence], the political leaderships committed to the ‘procés’ have the duty to agree and make the necessary policy to achieve it, we have more knowledge than years ago and it would not be It is smart not to put it at the service of a shared strategy, the end of which is the recognition of the Catalan Republic “, he has proposed. In this sense, he has suggested that the Consell per la República, which he presides from Waterloo, may be the body that brings together this unit.

Against fatalism and the “moral of defeat”

The ‘expresident’ and leader of “Junts”, has warned against certain negative attitudes in the independence movement. “Let us all agree, treating each other as allies of the same cause, on the strategy to overcome this wall, to maintain active independence we must abandon fatalism and intransigence, overcome moral defeat and avoid shortcuts, we must plan but accept that there are factors that do not they depend on our planning but they can be decisive “.

In this sense, he has warned that certain attitudes of the independence movement can help to deactivate it. “We have come this far, and from here we should do politics, because we want to go further but there is too much pain and suffering; because even if we were a majority as we are, we are not willing to assume the degree of confrontation and rupture with the State because it causes pain and suffering. ” Among the factors to take into account in the current independence movement, he has cited “disorientation, division, anger and demobilization”, largely the result, in his opinion, of “the aggressiveness of the repression”, in which he has placed to the State as origin, beyond a specific government, judge or prosecutor. A repression that aims, in his opinion, to deactivate support for independence.

Puigdemont has made it clear that their strategy is contrary to the one that within the independence movement bet on increasing, beforehand, social support for this cause: To more votes for independence corresponds more repression, it works like this; we must ensure that we do not leave anyone out, not exclude anyone, the more we are, the stronger we will be. When we have been more united, the stronger we have been before the State, but being strong and going together is not enough, Spain always has a wall raised for everyone, when it is convenient it will raise it to 47.5% or 55%, but this a wall is already cracked as Josep Costa has pointed out in his book. Overcoming it makes sense to keep the independence process active “.

Disobedience as an option

In a conference at the Universitat Catalana d’Estiu in Prada de Conflent, Puigdemont has argued that the “aggressive and harsh” repression of the state towards independence, the only way out for independence is this confrontation that he has described as “intelligent”. In this regard, he has claimed “not to criminalize civic, peaceful disobedience, it is a perfectly legitimate option that must be used, which has consequences but which naturally forms part of” the strategy, “it is a resource although sometimes it causes opposite effects. to those desired “, added Puigdemont on the exercise of disobedience.

Puigdemont has charged against the State and its judicial system: “the Spanish legal system is not comparable to that of the European democracies, this is where the system fails.” The ‘expresident’ has intervened accompanied by the “Junts” dome, with the presence of the ‘ex-councilors’ Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí, leaders of “Junts” such as Elsa Artadi, Laura Borràs and Albert Batet, among others.

Against the strategy of dialogue

Puigdemont has criticized ERC’s strategy – without mentioning it – of dialogue with the State. “Do we want to deactivate independence? If not, do we do enough to be independent, in leadership, will and reasons? One may want to keep it active in a certain way but not do what is necessary, and I do not exclude anyone, starting with myself “, has alerted. And afterwards he warned: “It is understandable that there are those who decide that it is not worth it, because the road is painful, but we are aware that the Spanish State will never go to a negotiating platform for the self-determination of Catalonia, which, I will return to repeat it, it is the preferred route of the majority of the Catalans.



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