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The sudden death of the Christian democrat politician Francesc Gambús in Brussels has caused a torrent of reactions within politics, especially from Catalonia.

23/11/2019 12:38

Image: Martí Paola

The sudden death of the Christian democrat politician Francesc Gambús in Brussels has caused a torrent of reactions within politics, especially from Catalonia. The first signs of surprise and condolences for the news have been launched through social networks, where former companions and leaders of the most diverse parties have expressed their deep dismay at the loss of a person who all highlighted his honesty and good treatment .

The former leader of Unió Democràtica de Catalunya (UDC), Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, has expressed his regret for the death of who was “a collaborator and friend”, with whom he shared “many electoral campaigns” and “kicked the country” in the development of political activity. Duran has extended his condolences to the family and has had the opportunity to seek the feeling of active leaders such as that of lehendakari Íñigo Urkullu.

It has also been especially felt has been the reaction in the formation of Ramon Espadaler, Units per Avançar, which on Saturday held its national council, in which the figure of Gambús has been remembered and a minute of silence has been made in its memory. The secretary general of the formation has been “impressed by the sad news” of the death of “with whom I have shared political project, illusions and commitment for many years in the Democratic Union of Catalonia.” Espadaler has sent “a hug to his wife, his daughters and son and his parents” on social networks, while the formation have also valued the fact of having shared political commitment to him for many years.

From the members of the parliamentary group in the Parliament, the PSC, Miquel Iceta has also echoed the “sad news of the death of Francisco Gambús, a Democrat, member of the European Parliament”, and has sent his “condolences to the family” , friends and groupmates. ”

The MEP of the Left Plural, Ernest Urtasun, has not taken long to point out the “very hard blow” that the news has meant. In a very personal reference, the parliamentarian stressed that Gambús was “an honest, hardworking person and an indefatigable fighter of the construction of the European dream”, as well as “a great friend”. “How we will miss you Paco”, ditch.

From the European popular parliamentary group with which he collaborated, MEP Dolors Montserrat has been “sad” after hearing the news. Of Gambús has highlighted his “vitality and positivity,” which “will be your legacy for all of us.” “It’s hard to say goodbye to a friend so soon,” he said on Twitter before showing his condolences to family and friends.

From the same group, Vice President Esteban González Pons has mentioned in the same social area the death of his “friend”. In Catalan, he has published a “rest in pau amic meu” next to the note issued by the group in which they report the death.

Also from the European Parliamentary Group of Ciudadanos, MEP Jordi Cañas has “deeply” regretted the death. Cañas has also conveyed his condolences “to his family and friends, as well as to the members of the European popular group.”

Also from more distant political spaces, such as ERC, they have expressed their affliction for the news. The republican ex-MEP, Jordi Solé, has said he is “dismayed by the sudden news” of who he considered “a good person” and with whom he shared the last legislature of the European Parliament.

From the PDeCat, MEP Ramon Tremosa has stressed that he and Gambús shared five years in the European Parliament “unforgettable” and has sent his “deepest condolences to the whole family.”

The former PDeCat deputy in Congress, Carles Campuzano has said he feels “dismayed by the death of Paco Gambús”, with whom he collaborated politically and always seemed to him “a serious and rigorous man and a good person”.

Also the former President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont has pointed out on Twitter that he “is very upset” for the unexpected death of Francesc Gambús, and has sent “all my affection and condolences to his family.”

On behalf of the Government, the Secretary General of Territori i Sostenibilitat, Ferran Falcó, recalled that Gambús “worked with our municipal group in the City Council of Badalona between 2007 and 2011”, and that they will remind him “for his professionalism, rigor and bonhomy” .

From the independentist cultural entity, Òmnium Cultural, have also regretted the death and sent a “tender hug to his family”.


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