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The newspaper "Barcelona Hoy" collects excerpts from Coromine's blog: "We have to make policies so that Castilian goes back forward in Catalonia. It is the enemy's tongue »

Who is Diana Coromines?

Diana Coromines was number 3 of BCap, a residual pro-independence party in Barcelona. In 2015 she published a book with the ironic title of “Journey to the heart of good government” and was one of the signatories of the manifesto “For a true process of linguistic normalization in independent Catalonia”, which basically demanded was to stop using Castilian in Catalonia, the “language of the enemy”.

What we really know about her is the position she held as former Head of Public Affairs of the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia in Denmark and the Nordic Countries.

It is assumed that the work of Diana Coromines in the “Catalan Embassy in Denmark” was the “promotion of tourism and exports”, but in reality she was dedicated exclusively to travel the world, at the expense of taxpayers, explaining that “Spain is a fascist state,” and that Catalans “lived more or less like the Tibetans in the 1960s.”

«Castilian, is an imposed language. I refuse to repeat the nonsense that we have nothing against the Spanish State »

Diana recalls in her blog her stay in the «embassy», and tells, without any kind of objection, that she dedicated herself for years to telephoning, writing and meeting with Norwegian, Danish and other Nordic deputies to explain to them that Spain is a fascist state. On one occasion, she relates that she explained a diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway that “I have always explained to her that my state is not Spain which I’ve always felt like a foreign state, and Spanish culture, too. And that Castilian is a language imposed. I refuse to repeat the nonsense that we have nothing against the Spanish State and that we love everything about Spain ».

Shee admits openly and unambiguously that the “embassies” had been working for the “proces”, and not for anything else: “When I feel the speeches that Puigdemont and Torra are making these days (empty as Halloween pumpkins), I can not help but think of the amount of efforts of so many people that were squandered a year ago. Rereading my diary, I remember that on October 26, from Copenhagen, I spoke by phone with a former high-level American diplomat. They did not do anything! “SHe complains.

Europe does not believe that Catalonia is an oppressed territory

Coromines complains repeatedly of the reactions of the governments of European countries when she explains the unbearable oppression and cultural extermination that the people of Catalonia are experiencing: “These days after October 1, I could clearly feel on the other side of the phone – or e-mail, the stupor of deputies and senior officials of Scandinavian ministries, seeing that we asked them to help us find international mediators ». The most she obtained from them was – “It’s a fight you need to do alone,” a Danish deputy who knows Catalonia well and has a long history, also at European level, told me.

She admits that the independence press only survives thanks to subsidies

She complains in many of her articles that the pro-independence press depends entirely on public subsidies, without which it could not exist, and does so mainly following her dismissal from Vilaweb: “it is the culmination of a process the culmination of a process in which they repeatedly asked me to stop explaining what happened in the delegations and in the Foreign Office of the Generalitat.”

Apparently the directors of Vilaweb, to be able to continue receiving subsidies, pretended not to vent the dirty rags of the Generalitat, where you can clearly demonstrate, with great luxury of details, the web of embezzlement of public funds.

Regarding the Spanish she has said in one of his last tweets things like: “Go to Madrid and ask for forgiveness for pattering the language of the enemy that spits in our faces every day, only makes us small, dispensable and ridiculous.”

Coromines calls for civil disobedience and for not obeying Spanish justice

In March 2018 she wrote: “it does not lead anywhere to remain stuck in this dynamic of bowing our heads, self-destructing our soul and letting a fascist state with a democrat shell devour us without even having lost a war.”

In May of last year she added: “Spain is an oppressive and xenophobic state”, while insulting Torra for occasionally using the Castilian language in the Catalan Parlament.
She also admitted that “Often, respectable Danes and not at all likely to be considered extremists or radicals tell me that Spaniards are primitive,” they believe that life is a bullring and they, bullfighters, “she says.

In August 2018, she gave the solution, according to her, to the pro-independence problem:



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