October 3, 2023

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Freedom of expression or police issue? Painted on the walls "shot in the neck" and "you're dead" addressed to the mayor of Palamós, Lluís Puig

Mayor of Palamós, Lluís Puig, of ERC, has received several death threats in the form of graffiti that have appeared in several streets of the municipality of Girona, as reported in his twitter account.

In the writings you can read: “Lluís Puig you are dead”, “shot in the neck”, “son of a bitch, you are dead” or “Lluis Puig, in Palamós you are dead”. The mayor has assured in the social network that “today, and they are already several times, they have threatened to me of death and they have signaled  my family”.

“It seems that to some democracy and freedom of expression causes hives,” adds Puig, who concludes that he will continue with the task of “building a Catalan Republic from the municipalities.”



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