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The president of Òmnium and other media representatives of the independence movement equate the situation of the African-American population with the nationalist cause

02.06.2020 16:12 h.

If something has characterized Catalan pro-independentism in recent years, it is its ability to use various causes and protests and use them for its own discourse and objectives. Anti-racist protests over the murder of black citizen George Floyd by the US police have also been no exception. The president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has now been equated with them, imprisoned for sedition for his role in the process.

“What Democrat can think of ending a social movement by sending activists to prison? Oh wait!” –Oh wait! – Cuixart has written on his Twitter profile, referring to a New York Times story according to which the US president, Donald Trump, called in a conference call “imbeciles” to the governors of his country and allegedly jailed protesters.

“They jail you here for being Catalan”

Like the president of the association subsidized by the Generalitat – more than half a million euros to Omnium in its new Budgets – numerous Internet users and media stars of the pro-independence movement have compared the situation in Catalonia with that suffered by the African-American population in USA. This is the case, for example, of the TV3 and RAC1 audience Pilar Carracelas or the RAC1 presenter Òscar Andreu. The first, maintaining that “here perhaps they do not kill you, but they jail you for being Catalan”, and the second, reproaching those who do not feel questioned by the protests of the leading nationalism of Catalonia but by the racist crimes of the United States.


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