December 3, 2023

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Three cases of extreme news show, once again, the mafia character of the party of Jordi Pujol, Artur Mas and  Carles Puigdemont It is already known that a goat always knows where to go. Years and decades pass, but the ancient formation and its secessionist children continue to do their part, stubbornly, as if this community were their private preserve.

Separatists plunder Catalonia

by Gonzalo Baratech


Let’s go step by step. In full confinement for the coronavirus, the Supreme Court has endorsed the sentences issued by the Barcelona Provincial Court in the Palau de la Música case.

This abhorrent scandal consisted of the systematic looting of the musical institution. The Palau became the vehicle used with delight by Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya to channel the bribes that the Madrid-based construction company  Ferrovial, under the command of Rafael del Pino, paid to it piece after piece in exchange for public works.

One of these was, for example, the City of Justice, located on the Gran Vía, halfway between Barcelona and Hospitalet, which houses the bulk of the Courts of Barcelona. Each brick placed in that battery of buildings by the corrupting company of the City and Court suffered a 4% surcharge, which went to the Convergencia coffers.

The Supreme Court has now ratified 9 years and 8 months in prison, and a fine of 4.1 million euros, which the Court handed down to  Fèlix Millet, supreme boss of the Palau.

It also confirms the 7 and a half years in prison, in addition to a 2.9 million sanction, imposed on his right hand Jordi Montull. In addition, both will have to return 23 million to the Palau.

To Daniel Osàcar, ex-treasurer of CDC; Gemma Montull, financial manager of the Palau; and the advisers Raimon Bergós, Santiago Llopart and Edmundo Quintana, the Supreme prescribes a total of 12 years in the shade.

The High Court also confirms that Convergència was financed with illegal commissions from  Ferrovial, for which it has to repay 6.6 million. The party is in bankruptcy. This procedural blow can precipitate its final bankruptcy.

Another issue of venality that is taking place these days has Laura Borràs,as main character, a former councilor of Culture and today spokesperson for Junts per Catalunya  in Congress.

The Supreme Court imputes her for the alleged  misdeeds she committed when she was the director of the  Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, dependent on the Ministry of Culture.

It accuses her of prevarication, administrative fraud, embezzlement of public funds and documentary falsehood, all related to the award of contracts to his pal Isaías Herrero. Incidentally, said subject is a real gem. In December, he was sentenced  to five years in prison for drug trafficking and money transfers with false currency.

For its part, the General Audit Office of the Generalitat assures that Borràs violated the law between 2016 and 2018, dividing the contracts at least five times to award them to her friend, arbitrarily and without going through due competition.

In addition, she inflated the benefits of the Institució de les Lletres to just over a million and camouflaged debts amounting to another million.

Curiously, this Borràs is the same one who moves with unparalleled freshness through the Congress of Deputies preaching lessons in ethics and honesty to left and right.

The third episode that I bring up is no less embarrassing than the previous ones. It turns out that the government of the ill-fated Quim Torra has sneaked into the accompanying budget law, a couple of modifications that are a real gift for countless gangsters of his own administration involved in crimes.

One of the changes concerns the gift tax. From now on, the coup prisoners are exempt from paying taxes for the donations received from the so called “solidarity box”.

Thanks to this swapping, the fugitive Carles Puigdemont, Artur Mas and other individuals sentenced by the Supreme Court, will not have to pay a penny as personal income tax for the millions paid to them from that box to face bail or civil liabilities.

The other scheming of the mentioned law shields the high regional positions from rendering economic accounts for possible negligence in their management.

In other words, if the managers of the  360 quangos in the Generalitat, paid with multimillion-dollar salaries, suffer a judicial sentence, the Government will be in charge of the pecuniary sanctions. In other words, all Catalan taxpayers will end up going Dutch.

But the chiefdom privileges that protect the large cohort of plugged in from the Govern do not end here. Henceforth, the Generalitat’s lawyer is placed at the service of the possible defendants and, when they request it, will assume their legal representation gratis et amore.

The two regulatory adjustments carried out by Quim Torra and his followers reveal the obscene patrimonialist sense of  the Generalitat the separatist politicians have.

They believe themselves to be masters and lords of this land, while the rest of mortals are mere servants from whom they can squeeze, bleed and steal without regard or restrain.

The massive flight of large banks, companies and capital caused by the procès, added to the dire economic management of Mas, Puigdemont and Torra, make Catalonia go backwards like a crab, unfortunately for its unarmed inhabitants.

The fanatic independence movement of a Sicilian political class is causing irreparable damage to our homes. Present and future generations will pay dearly for the violations of this criminal gang that has been exhausting us for 40 years.


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