March 28, 2023

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Spanish Ministry of Health begins the distribution of one million of these kits among the autonomous regions. Data confirm that adopted measures are working properly

Mercedes Rivera – 05/04/2020 Health Minister Salvador Illa

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced the distribution of a million rapid diagnostic tests for coronavirus among the autonomous communities. “These kits will be a complement to the PCR, through which a screening will be done in those places where there is a high prevalence of Covid-19,” he said.

The Government has agreed with autonomous regions a protocol for the use of rapid diagnostic tests

For the application of these rapid diagnostic tests, “the Government as a whole has agreed a protocol of use with the autonomous regions,” added Illa.

This is one of the items of sanitary material acquired by the Ministry of Health, within its “massive” strategy, for its distribution among the autonomous regions. As Minister Illa has pointed out, “38 million products have been distributed, of which 28 are masks”, stressing that “the permanent supply of PPE, diagnostic tests and respirators has been regularized.”

In fact, Illa wanted to value the purchase by the Government of 1,534 respirators that “will arrive in the coming days in the autonomous regions and to which must be added the more than 2,000 from donations.”

Data confirm that adopted measures are working properly

Regarding the measures adopted by the Government to curb the coronavirus epidemic, Illa has stated that “the data leads us to affirm that the containment measures are working, as well as the measures adopted last weekend to unload the intensive care units (ICU) ”.

The Government has asked for all the information on nursing homes to do an “adequate follow-up”

Likewise, during the meeting of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with the regional presidents, “we have asked for all the information on the nursing homes, both public and private, within the framework and published parameters to carry out an adequate follow-up,” declared the Minister of Health.

Pedro Sánchez has also requested the autonomous regions a list of infrastructures that “they must provide before April 10,” said Illa. The objective “is to provide isolation to those who wish to do so and which is part of the de-escalation or transition strategy; a strategy that is going to be very prudent so as not to waste the effort of the Spanish citizenry and which is based on scientific evidence ”.

Lastly, Illa has confirmed that the Government is going to endorse Catalonia’s request to lift confinement of Igualada (Catalonia) after having carried out an evaluation of the data provided.



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