March 4, 2024

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Several dozen people stand between the police and protesters

Protesters and volunteers from various groups such as Bombers per la República, Bombers BCN CC.OO., Open Arms, Sanitaris per la República, Agents Rurals per la República, In peu de pau and Escortes Catalans have formed a human security cordon between independence protesters and the police – as well as a group of constitutionalists concentrated in front of the Police Headquarters of Catalonia, about 250 meters away – during the calls this afternoon in Urquinaona to protest the sentence of the process.

During moments of standing and with their arms intertwined, later seated, the will of several dozen people is to gain space between the various groups of protesters and police forces to avoid more violence. “Som gent de pau” (We are peaceful people), they shouted at some moments, asking that objects not be thrown at police forces.


Councilor Buch appreciates the action

In a press conference this afternoon, Interior Regional Minister Miquel Buch has valued the action very positively. “They claim non-violence and non-confrontations” and “prevent clashes from occurring,” he said. After thanking this attitude, he has asked that in case of episodes of violence, “they move away to guarantee their physical integrity.”

The action is very similar to the one that took place this Friday in Lleida, where some fifty attendees at the demonstrations in the afternoon formed a human barrier to try to avoid clashes between police and protesters.


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