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Home » Content » CDRs cut roads and train tracks and confront constitutionalists to stop many Catalan citizens to join constitutionalist demonstration
Thousands of people did not manage to reach today's manifestation . In the social networks some videos circulate in which the tension between the CDR and the constitutionalists is clearly visible.

10/27/2019 12:10 – Updated: 10/27/2019 12:49

 The Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR) have cut the main access roads to Barcelona from the early hours of the morning.  The objective was clear: to avoid that the demonstrators for the unity of Spain could arrive at the manifestation and thus boycott the march of Catalan Civil Society (SCC).  And the objective, at least in part, has been met.

 Thousands of people have not succeeded  going to the demonstration.  In the social networks some videos circulate in which moments of tension between the CoRs and the constitutionalists are visible .  In these images the existing tension is clearly seen: the Mossos try to maintain order and withdraw the radicals while the CDRs and the people affected by the cuts cross various insults: “Clown”, “son of a b*tch..”

 Traffic on the AP-7 motorway has been cut in the morning as it passes through L’Ampolla.  With these actions, the radicals intend to once again stand in solidarity with the detainees, prisoners and exiles, and also seek to prevent the passage of the buses of protesters in favor of the unity of Spain who can pass through this route towards Barcelona.

 The CDRs have also managed to stop trains full of passengers in Montgat, Masnou and other El Maresme stations.  Taking advantage of the poor police surveillance, the Catalan radicals have gone to the Sants station in Barcelona, to take it by surprise.  However, as El Confidencial has learned, the assault has barely lasted a few minutes.  Several police vans have arrived and evicted the assailants.



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