December 8, 2023

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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) records more than 40 attacks on journalists in the last 18 months Catalonia, "hostile territory" for the press. A member of the CDR (radical separatist group) harrasses an Antena 3 journalist in a file image

Hostile territory. A member of the CDR (radical separatist group) harrasses an Antena 3 journalist in a file image

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has qualified  Catalonia as “hostile territory” for journalists after registering about forty cases of attacks – ranging from insults to physical assaults – to news reporters, radio and television in the last 18 months. This is data that the organization has included in its annual press freedom report analyzing 180 countries.

The entity notes a “clear improvement of the situation in Catalonia” compared to 2017, but even so, RSF states that “this region remains a hostile area for radio and television reporters.”

“The extreme polarization of Catalan politics ended up contaging the media and its audiences; Thus, journalists have become one of the main victims of hostilities, “says Reporters Without Borders.

Spain ranks 29th in the table, which means that it climbed two positions with respect to the 2108 report and is located in a “satisfactory” zone, the organization warning that “the rise does not represent an absolute improvement, but a relatively smaller deterioration vs. other close neighbors in the classification “.

The report highlights that last year ” a detrimental climate for freedom of information was created” because convictions were sentenced for crimes such as apologizing for terrorism, insulting the crown and offending to the feelings of members of a religious confession. It also emphasizes that the reform of the Spanish Public Broadcasting Corporation approved in 2017 “has not yet been put into practice” to supposedly aimed at “ending manipulation. “


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