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We do not need more dramas but solutions. We live in a political dead-end street from which we have to get away, because it wears us down and deteriorates us inexorably. Getting it requires health, work and criteria. Here are some of them:

Josep Miró i Ardèvol

06/14/2019 00:32 Updated 6/14/2013 1:59 PM


We live in a political dead-end street from which we have to get away, because it wears us down and deteriorates us inexorably. Getting it requires health, work and criteria. Here are some of them:

1) Assume the evidence. From the transition to the current conflict, Catalonia has lived through the best and most balanced period in its history since at least 1714.

2) There is a point of coincidence, let’s take advantage of it: the great majority want to build a better future that does not ask to sacrifice the present. We start from this premise. That each institution stands out in the fulfillment of its mission without subjecting it to other purposes. We do not need more dramas, but solutions.

3) The institutional blockade harms the self-government of Catalonia because only part of the population feels represented. Countries without inclusive institutions go to failure.

4) The solution to the conflict can only be built from Catalonia. The answer is in the Catalans. The Spanish Government is part of the solution but it does not have it. This necessarily involves a more inclusive conception: the third position between the promoters of unilateral independence and the Spain lovers who want to make a clean sweep of the Catalanness.

5) The third position is not a party, but a social movement. It means redoing the spirit of conversation. Within Catalonia, and with the whole of Spain. Let’s go back to talking with each other in a good tone, with no other limit than mutual respect.

6) The third position is the willingness to work with everybody to build and carry out major initiatives and projects that respond to the challenges, needs and priority problems of the Catalan people. It assumes that the Christian conception is a component of our culture and moral sense, so that it normalizes its presence in public life.

7) It recovers the good relationship with the whole of the Spanish population which today considers itself betrayed or offended. From Catalonia you can produce similar qualifiers. The spiritually stronger will be the one who breaks with the vicious circle of mutual grievances.

8) The third position is based politically on the thorough exercise of the powers of the Statute, whose implementation is still pending, on compliance with all rulings of the Constitutional Court favorable to Catalonia, on the search for equitable and transparent funding, on the recovery within the framework of the Constitution of the lost competences, on a constitutional reform that better accepts the specificity of Catalonia, as well as on a final consultation. It also participates decisively in the construction of the Spanish political, social and economic project, based on recognition, civil friendship, union and constitutional loyalty. The third position promotes projection in Europe from the double perspective of self-government and the state dimension.

9) Good governance is the practice of the 4E’s: excellence, efficiency, effectiveness and economy. Under this paradigm, it is necessary to identify, address and resolve the major decisive issues for Catalans.

10) It promotes civic and regenerative participation in politics. It postulates a project of country for all, at the same time realistic and exciting, based on a design that develops the principles of common good and of subsidiarity, starting from the family. It will culminate in a great congress for Catalonia.

11) It maintains the need for a strong family policy, especially favorable for motherhood and childhood, the construction of working conditions that exclude precariousness, give labor flexibility to companies and seek wages for a worthy life based on good productivity.

12) It does not confuse the equal dignity and exercise of the rights of men and women, and their real protection, with the adoption of a certain ideology, that of the gender perspective, on the part of the public powers, because it threatens the institutional neutrality.

13) The third position promotes quality in Catalan culture and pushes, but does not force, a new noucentisme. It promotes the knowledge of our classics and the diffusion of new creators. It values ​​the tradition correctly understood; the ability to transmit the common legacy, refined by debate within the tradition itself and competition with other traditions.

14) Castilian is one of the two languages of the Catalan people. At the same time, it is necessary to promote the demographically weak minority language and culture, the Catalan. Popular culture is to be promoted, avoiding its degradation. It is not a static fact, although its recognition needs the passage of time. Popular derives from people; not from the masses.

15) It deploys all the energy of Barcelona and the metropolitan area without opposing them to Catalonia and the Generalitat, to build the large cross-border region.

16) It aims to make Catalonia the new Athens that contributes to a necessary European renaissance. We can only exercise this mission by contributing and welcoming positive initiatives instead of creating for the EU more problems than it already faces.



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