May 31, 2023

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Home » Content » Catalan who was wooed by separatists wins Latin Award in US

Last night the 25-year-old, who is from Catalonia, became the first Spaniard ever to have received a prize at the event, which pays tribute every year to the best from the world of pop culture.

“I am so happy to be here, I am from Barcelona and I am happy to represent my country and my culture. Thank you very much for letting me sing here in Spanish”, the singer declared she was so happy to receive the award because she did not expected it.

The Catalan government did not congratulate the singer last year after having won two Grammy awards. According to certain separatist media, the Castilian culture even if it comes from Catalonia cannot be considered Catalan culture. Some separatist media criticized Rosalia who has never made statements regarding nationalism.

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