March 22, 2023

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The main union of the Catalan police denounces that the public chain criminalizes the actions of the agents while hiding the violence

Elena Burés – 07/02/2020

The public channel TV3 aired on Tuesday the documentary Mossos, llums i ombres. A production that promised to review the history of the body, but that for Fepol, the majority union of the regional police, has presented the agents, especially the law enforcement officers – Brimo and ARRO – as a “problem” while omitting the violence of those who burned more than 500 containers and threw cobblestones, Molotov cocktails and steel balls against the agents during the protests following the 1-O ruling.

“It’s a biased documentary. The images do not show the extreme violence that occurred. You can see people walking peacefully towards the airport – the day the Supreme’s ruling was published – but not the brutality of later, but it turns out that TV3 shows peaceful mobilizations and then mossos charge, they even cut a sequence of an agent beated, ”denounces Toni Castejón, spokesperson for Fepol.

Biased interviews

Castejón points out that opinions heard in the documentary are not neutral. “David Fernández, former deputy of the CUP, who said‘ Catalonia has a problem and is called Mobile Brigade ’, or the lawyer of the Iridia association, Andrés García Berrio, who has always denounced our action. It is respectable, but we miss more neutral voices, at least, that are not from one side only. ”

From the main union of the body they denounce that, since the publication of the Supreme ruling, the trend of Catalan public television has been critical of the regional body of Mossos, and especially the riot police. Thus, the spokesman of Fepol remembers that humorist Toni Soler of TV3 has been denounced by the “very serious insults” that he uttered against the regional police (mossos), when he referred to the agents as “fucking fucking dogs”. Prosecutor’s Office accuses the director of the “Està passant” a TV3 program of a crime against State institutions, in the form of serious injuries to security forces and bodies. “That has been the dynamic of the channel,” says Castejón. “The subliminal message is always that public order troops are a problem and they make us look as a band that acts badly. It is very unfair”.

CAC Report

The complaint of the agents is backed up by data. A report of the Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC) shows how the regional chain dedicated more broadcast space to the mobilizations – the so-called Marxes per la llibertat – than to the riots that caused violent people in the streets from Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia.

Thus, Catalan public television TV3 disseminated the alleged police excesses rather than radicals attacking the agents (four times more in the programs and six in other spaces) while burning containers in the center of the Catalan capital occupy secondary spaces in the News.




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