April 1, 2023

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Home » Content » Catalan public television-TV3 workers report that the media are at the service of President Torra and former president Pujol
Professionals are calling for the enforcement of the reform of the CCMA (Catalan Corporation of Media) law to depoliticize Catalan public television


Employees of TV3, through the employees committee and professional committees, have sent a letter to the director of the Catalan public television, Vicent Sanchis, complaining that the media has been put at the service of President Quim Torra and former president Jordi Pujol, as Crónica Global announced and EL TRIANGLE confirmed.

The complaint comes after participation of Catalan President Quim Torra in the FAQs program, where JxCat deputies burst onto the set to embrace the Catalan President shortly after Parliament had taken a stand against his disqualification.

The other element that has led to the complaint of television professionals of the Generalitat is the announcement of the appearance of the former Catalan president Jordi Pujol in the program “30 minutes” to talk about 0.7% for international cooperation.

Catalan public television professionals demand that the reform of the Law of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCMA) be implemented, which aims to depoliticize the management of the Generalitat’s public media, a law that was approved by Catalan Parliament October last year.



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