December 11, 2023

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They point out that police bodies have acted "with professionalism and dedication" during the altercations following the 'procés' ruling

Seventy Catalan personalities have signed a manifesto in which they express their support for the Mossos d’Esquadra and criticize the attitude maintained in recent weeks by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, before the riots in the protests against the sentence of the ‘process’.

The manifesto is signed, among others, by the notary Juan José López Burniol, the former vice president of the Constitutional Court Eugeni Gay, the diplomat Eugeni Bregolat, the notary Carlos Cuatrecasas, as well as ex-deputies of the PP such as Ricardo Fernández Déu, Santiago Fisas and Montserrat Nebrera, founders of Lliures as Antoni Fernández Teixidó and Roger Montañola, promoters of the Democratic League such as Josep Ramon Bosch and Astrid Barrios, as well as Sílvia Requena (Convergents) and Mario Romeo (La Tercera Via).

The signatories point out that in recent days the National Police, the Civil Guard and especially the Mossos (Catalan police), “essential institution of our self-government”, have had to intervene “to deal with organized violence”, and have done so “with professionalism and dedication” , so they express their “recognition and appreciation.”

“As in any human act developed under painfully difficult conditions, there may have been some case of excess in its performance, which does not distort the positive overall rating, and that in any case, it will be the same police bodies that, in the first place, will address it”, says the manifesto.

Those adhering to the manifesto reject as “inappropriate” and “irresponsible” the “attacks carried out against own police by a part of the Parliament of Catalonia, and what is especially serious, by the president of the Generalitat”.

“Wanting to open a kind of ‘general cause’ against the police is clamorously unfair and contrary to the needs of Catalonia. It is even more so when at the same time the government of Catalonia has not condemned violence on the street, nor is it present in the open causes against the alleged defendants. These attacks have also occurred and multiplied from the public television of Catalonia in an absolutely unacceptable way, “the text adds.

Therefore, the signatories express their “support to the security forces, and in particular to the Catalan police, for the additional difficulties they suffer” and ask the Parliament and Torra to “act responsibly and for the good of all institutions and of the whole of Catalan society “.

In addition, they urge to take “measures so that the TV of Catalonia recovers its character of public service today totally lost”.


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