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Societat Civil Catalana, Impulso Ciudadano and Assembly for a Bilingual School lament that Sánchez "sells" once again the non-nationalists

Barcelona 06/02/2020

Absolute rejection of the Catalan constitutional association to the content of the document that Pedro Sánchez, president of the Government of Spain, delivered Thursday to Quim Torra, president of the Generalitat, in the framework of the meeting that the two political leaders have held this noon in Barcelona .

Societat Civil Catalana (SCC), Impulso Ciudadano and Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB) have shown their rejection of a document that Sánchez has presented to Torra as “agenda for meeting” and that, these three entities, which are the ones adding up more followers in Catalonia, consider assignments to nationalism that does not take into account the Catalan constitutionalists.

Thus, in a message on Twitter, Fernando Sánchez Costa, president of SCC, shortly after knowing the content of the document, has indicated that “Torra does not represent the majority of Catalans” and that, for this reason, “the wishes and demands of Catalan constitutionalism must also be heard by Pedro Sánchez ».

Much more extensive, in a press release, Impulso Ciudadano has lamented that, with today’s meeting, “the Government of Spain assumes a role of the Generalitat that goes beyond its constitutional and statutory powers and sets a precedent that favors claim of international recognition of Catalonia as a different entity from Spain ».

For the entity headed by José Domingo, “Sánchez’s meeting with Torra implies the assumption of the nationalist perspective on the existing conflict, which claims that there is no problem of coexistence in Catalonia, but between Catalonia and Spain.” Thus, «non-nationalist Catalans, who suffer permanent violations of rights and limitations of freedoms by nationalist administrations, are not represented in a meeting that explicitly obviates them».

Therefore, from Impulso Ciudadano, it has been regretted that «the claims of non-nationalist Catalans are not included in the document sent by the Presidency of the Government of Spain to prepare the agenda for political dialogue with the Generalitat. Moreover, in one of the points of the document (number 25) it is anticipated that the Government of Spain will assume the nationalist position on the Catalan school model, which has already been repeatedly considered illegal by the courts of Justice ».

On this point, the AEB, through its president, Ana Losada, has also warned that they will give the legal “battle” against what this association considers an imposition. «We will not surrender to a new sale of Catalan constitutionalism. Together and firm we must stand up to those who deny us. Of the miserable 44 points, in 25 he abandons our children in the hands of those who have been manipulating the Catalan school for 30 years ».




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