December 3, 2023

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The president of the PP will ask for the appearance at the Congress of the Minister of Justice and the State Attorney General


The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, made this morning a balance of the political year that ends with a very strong conclusion: “It has been ruling against Spain,” he said in a press conference held at the headquarters of the PP. Just when the agreements with PNV, Podemos and ERC for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez are known. The leader of the PP believes that there has been nothing more than “assignments” during the year and a half that Sanchez has been at the head of the Government. Therefore, and before these assignments, the last one considers, the report of the State Attorney on the immunity of Oriol Junqueras, so the PP will ask for the appearance in Congress of the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of the State .

They are assignments that, in the opinion of the leader of the PP are not an imposition of the partners of Sanchez, but respond to the own conviction of the President of the Government and leader of the PSOE, since “he had already tried it on other occasions”, since 2015, and that even led the PSOE to make Sanchez resign as general secretary of the Socialists.

Message of hope

Casado guarantees that he will respond to every assignment he wants to make to the independentists

Casado underpins this affirmation with data such as the pacts that he maintains with the independentists in 40 Catalan municipalities, the negotiation with Bildu to take over the Foral Government of Navarra, and the Pedralbes summit. But it even goes back earlier, to the Pact of Tinell and the tripartites of Maragall and Montilla.

But given this very negative situation, Pablo Casado sent a “message of hope,” that the PP, as it has done so far, will continue to “respond to each threat.” Parliamentary responses, with the request of the President of the Government and the Vice President, to explain these assignments to the independentists, proposals such as recovering the crime of calling for an illegal referendum, already presented, as well as to proceed to the Electoral Central Board, so that the disqualifications of Oriol Junqueras and Quim Torra become effective.


The leader of the PP reminds the leaders of the PSOE who threw Sanchez for wanting to do what he does now

The PP will also oppose other initiatives such as motions presented in Autonomous Communities, City Councils and Regional Councils, so that the PSOE decides whether to endorse the policy of Pedro Sánchez of assignments to the independentists, or if it rejects it, he will remind them. The PSOE “threw Sanchez into the street so he would not do what he is going to do now,” which is a government agreement with Podemos and with the independentists

In the balance of the year 2019, Casado also spoke of the institutional degradation that in his opinion has occurred and that continues with the report of the State Attorney on the immunity of Oriol Junqueras, which already had happened in the same Attorney when the Government demanded that in the trial of the Procés did not qualified the crimes of rebellion but sedition, which led to the resignation of the general lawyer then, Edmundo Val, who is now in the ranks of Ciudadanos party.


Casado sees very serious that there would have been a leak of the Attorney because it would be a crime of revealing secrets

A situation that he considers “very serious”, but said he wants to be cautious and know what happened before criticizing. What interests him most is to know if the Attorney report has been negotiated with ERC and if there has been an ERC leak. That is why he asks for the appearances of the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, and the State Attorney General, to know if there has been such a leak. If there has been, the PP considers the possibility of going to court to accuse those responsible for a crime of revealing secrets.

Pablo Casado, faced with this situation, stands as guarantor that there will be no reform of the Constitution to satisfy the independentists, as well as that there will be no change in the statute of autonomy that seeks to satisfy the independentists, as could happen in Castilla y Leon.


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