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The president of the Chamber of Commerce urges that his statements be subtitled in Catalan

Eduardo López Alonso

Barcelona – Monday, 07/01/2019 | Updated 02/07/2019 – 08:48

Joan Canadell. / ALBERT BERTRAN

The president of the Chamber of Barcelona, ​​the pro-independence entrepreneur Joan Canadell, said Monday that he will consider not answering the questions of journalists in Spanish, given that his statements can be translated directly from Catalan using subtitles on television. Given the need to leave the press conference urgently for an event at the Palau de la Generalitat, Canadell has been reluctant to repeat his speech in Spanish to a journalist, after the first meeting of the new executive committee of the Chamber. Finally he has done it, although he has been in favor of answering some other questions different from the already made ones and not to repeat the previous answers.

“Today I will still speak in Spanish, but it may be the last time,; I have to think about it; do not they have translators?” the president of the Chamber has blurted out when he was asked to answer in Spanish a question already asked before in Catalan.

A few weeks ago, the spokeswoman of the Catalan Executive, Meritxell Budó, already starred in a controversy by refusing to respond to a journalist in Castilian during the press conference following the weekly meeting of the Govern. Canadell, on the other hand, has defended the implementation of an online register of companies for the promotion of Catalonia promoted by the pro-sovereignty entity ANC and has assured that she does not see this initiative as any boycott. “If someone wants to see it as something negative it is because he wants to twist things”, she said.



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