May 28, 2023

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The journalists Xavier Sardà, Mayka Navarro, Estefania Molina, Joan Guirado, Laura Fàbregas and Xavier Rius presented as "terrorists" by secessionists

Catalan journalists are treated as “terrorists of information at the service of the Ibex” and “hit men of power” on posters placed in the streets. It also asks “to stay in Madrid.” One of the aforementioned is the director of e-news, Xavier Rius, who is informed in an email: “Let the Rius know that like many other journalists ‘Catalans’ is one more sold to the elites of the State. And by we denounce that in the street. Enough of traitors. “

The other journalists mentioned in these posters – which contain some spelling mistakes – are Xavier Sardà, who is presented as a “sectarian socialist, collaborator of La Sexta”. Also Mayka Navarro, who is a “socialist, reporter for Ana Rosa and La Vanguardia. Amiga de los Mossos”.

There is also the journalist Joan Guirado, who is defined as “convergent, collaborator of Public Mirror and OKDiario”. Another of the people who are part of this ‘blacklist’ is Laura Fàbregas, “socialist, journalist for Global Chronicle and contributor to TV3”. Finally, the journalist Estefanía Molina, “socialist and collaborator of La Sexta” is also mentioned.


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