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The political party regrets that "an anti-repression symbol" is used for "partisan goals". ERC has condemned the action and regretted the use of "symbols representing freedom and democracy"

Acn / Barcelona

Monday, 06/10/2019 | Updated at 15:44 CEST

Barcelona en Comú, the political party of the acting mayor and candidate for the re-election Ada Colau, has denounced this Monday the attacks with yellow paint suffered by its headquarters in the last two days. / EFE VIDEO

Barcelona en Comú has denounced the appearance over the “last two days” of yellow paintings in the form of a loop on the facade of its headquarters, on Marina Street, and has lamented that “an anti-repression symbol is used for partisan and intimidating purposes”. The party has released images through Twitter and has assured that it will defend “a plural Barcelona confronting discrepancies with dialogue”.

(Tweet text)

During the last two days yellow paintings have appeared on the façade of our headquarters. We regret that a anti-repression symbol is used for partisan and intimidating purposes.

We will continue to defend a plural Barcelona that faces discrepancies with dialogue.

The graffiti coincide with the negotiations for the investiture of the next mayor of Barcelona, ​​which is disputed by the leader of BComú, Ada Colau, and the head of the ERC list, Ernest Maragall. Colau has run for office and both the PSC and former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls have been in favor of investing her.

ERC has condemned these graffiti and regretted that the authors have used “symbols that represent freedom and democracy”. “Political differences must not go beyond the lines of open debate and the contrast of positions”, they underlined.


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