December 2, 2023

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The Cadena SER journalist, described as "traitor", "rabble" or "scum" in the networks for criticizing the unilateral independence path

09.08.2019 16:57 h.
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Àngels Barceló is once again the target of pro-independentist. The popular journalist of Cadena SER has become in the last hours one of the main objectives of the criticisms of the most intolerant nationalism as a result of its manifestations contrary to the process in an interview granted to the digital Critic.

In it, Barceló expresses her sincere rejection of the “unilateral way” undertaken by Carles Puigdemont and the Government of the Generalitat, a moment he defines as “very complicated”, in which “a part of Spain wanted to break everything skipping the laws. “

Breach of the law

The journalist considers the independence claim “legitimate,” which fortunately in this country can be defended on the street and in the Congress of Deputies. ” Although she acknowledges that, in her case, “I am absolutely against that in order to achieve it, the unilateral route is decided by breaking the established laws.”

Barceló denounces that “the lack of communication has been mutual” on both sides, and reveals that “before entering prison, (the counselor) Jordi Turull told me about the misunderstanding of Madrid. And I replied that he would not tell me this, because I am Catalan, and you can explain this bore to anyone, but not to me, because I do understand the situation. “

Reflections such as these have flooded the networks of reproaches and insults of angry and offended pro-independents for her ideas. “Botiflera”, “traitor”, “falangista scum”, “Spanish rabble”, “scoundrel”, “disgusting”, “miserable”, “facha” or “mummy” are some of the outbursts of some of the defenders of the so-called “smile revolution”.

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