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Elisenda Paluzie's entity uses the professional body to gain members for its independence union during the health crisis

Ignasi Jorro 04.30.2020

Image of a health worker with personal protective equipment in a Catalan hospital / EFE

Campaign in full pandemic. The Barcelona Professional Body of Nurses (COIB), in the hands of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) since this year’s controversial elections, is promoting that the 56,000 Catalan health workers join a submarine pro-independence union. The body, despite its duty of political neutrality, is favoring the new (and tiny) Unió d’Infermeres de Catalunya (UIC), a satellite group of secessionism.

The union-submarine campaign of independence with the ‘mailing’ of the Barcelona College of Nurses (COIB) / CG

Medical sources have denounced it, alerting on the union’s recruitment campaign using the body’s membership database. “I never provided my data to any union. Where did the UIC get it from? It is the body’s mailing list”, complained a professional from the base. Asked about the issue, the body’s press spokesperson, commanded by the nationalist Paola Galbany-Estragués, has not answered the requirements of this medium despite the evident risk of violation of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) 15/1999.

The domain was registered by the computer scientist of the body

If the UIC seeks affiliates on its own, it is legitimate and lawful, but is it being favored by the body? According to various sources in the sector, yes. They assure that their emails contributed to the COIB are being used by the collegial entity to attract affiliates for the UIC. There is more. They cite a campaign in which the unknown union, irrelevant in the health sector as compared to candidates such as UGT, CCOO or Satse, distributes official flyers from the collegial entity. No other union does it, only the independence movement.

De hecho, la persona que registró el dominio de internet del sindicato UIC es Octavi Rodríguez Blanco, un enfermero de Emergencias de Cataluña (SEM) que, además, es el informático del Colegio de Enfermería. La sede de la agrupación de la parte social es un coworking de WeWork en el número 193 de la calle Pallars de Barcelona.

ANC ‘rigged election’ at the Professional Body of Nursing

It should be recalled that the ANC perpetrated the elections to the Collegial Body of Nursing held earlier this year. The pseudo-civil association piloted by Elisenda Paluzie demanded that Paola Galbany be raised as the new president despite the fact that she had lost the elections. He only won them after the count of the vote by non-certified mail, ballots that had never been counted and that spent days without custody in a room of the entity. The case has ended with an appeal in theTribunal Superior de Justicia de Cataluña (TSJC).

The ANC coup d’etat to control the Collegial Body of Nursing is not an isolated event either. The pseudo-civil association had already announced its intention to launch itself into controlling the professional bodies, just as it did with the Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona last year. Given this, constitutionalism advanced that it would oppose the maneuver, given the duty of neutrality of the entities with compulsory membership.


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