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A ten-year-old girl from a school in Terrassa says the teacher threw her to the ground and took her out of class holding her by the neck

Alejandro Tercero

19.06.2019 00:13 h.

The parents of a ten-year-old girl from Terrassa (Barcelona) have denounced an aggression by a teacher for having drawn a Spanish flag on her final year album.

The minor was treated at the local public hospital, the Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa, and has been diagnosed with a dorsolumbar pain from the blows she would have suffered, according to the medical report and confirmed by the mother of the girl, Lourdes, to Cronica Global

Falls when lifted from the chair

The events were carried out this Monday at the Font de l’Alba school of Terrassa, located in the Sant Pere Nord neighborhood, shortly before 13:00. The tutor, M., had urged students to add drawings on the cover of the end-of-course album they were preparing. The girl drew a flag of Spain and the text “Viva España”. When the teacher saw it, angered and broke the cover. The student sat in her chair but – always according to the story of the mother – the teacher went to her place, lifted the girl who fell to the ground, hitting her back. Later, the teacher took the girl by the shirt and by the neck and threw her out of class.

Complaint before the Mossos

At 13:00, when the mother arrived to pick up her daughter, she found her crying and explained what had happened. Then they went to report what happened to the director, who tried to reassure them and promised to talk to the teacher. Later, together with the father – Francisco – they went to the hospital center for a medical examination – as stated in the hospital report – and then filed a complaint with the Mossos d’Esquadra.

“Fear of retaliation”

According to the mother, the girl “does not want to go back to school for the few days left until the end of term” because “she is afraid of retaliations” on the part of the teacher.

In fact, there had already been tension before, because when the Spanish language class is taking place, the teacher usually orders the students to read in Catalan, something to which the student had refused on several occasions, generating the teacher’s anger.

They will arrive “to the end”

The mother has put the case in the hands of a lawyer – who has indicated to Crónica Global that in the coming days they will give a press conference to explain to the media their version of what happened – and has assured that she wants to “get to the end of the matter”. “Today was my daughter but tomorrow it can happen to another child, you can not let it go,” says Lourdes, who insists that she does not want her daughter’s case mixed with “politicking.”

The school has refused to answer the questions of this medium to provide its version of the facts.



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