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Who are "we"? The message provides seven telephone numbers of lawyers from the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the Ronda Colectivo, a legal cooperative, and other lawyers. Students receive messages to act in case of detention

Saturday, October 19, 2019 – 02:35

The students who participate in the revolts against the procés sentence are acquiring paramilitary guerrilla tactics. While groups of hooded men assaulted the Autonomous University of Barcelona and harassed the rector of the Rovira and Virgili University of Tarragona, forcing her to close the campus, a message was issued by the mobile phones of the university students, which is an instruction manual to hinder the Work of the Security Forces in case of detention, identification or police charge.

«DO NOT sign any documents. DO NOT touch any object. DO NOT authorize DNA testing. DO NOT authorize photos of tattoos. DO NOT wear the clothes that the Police give you, ”the text enumerates, which urges the detainee to“ not declare or enter into dialogue ”with the agents and tells him that he has the right to be informed of the reasons for the detention and taken the doctor, a visit that “must be without a police presence.”

In case of identification, the orders are: «DO NOT give more information than is stated in the DNI. Never give your phone number, email, etc. DO NOT sign any documents ».

The message also recommends that, if there is a police charge, you should avoid “going to the loos near the place where the events occurred” in order to avoid possible identification. And he warns: «If you see an aggression or an arrest: keep calm and try to record it with your mobile, look for friends or acquaintances of the person and contact us to provide your contact information and graphic material».

Who are “we”? The message provides seven telephone numbers of lawyers from the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the Ronda Colectivo, a legal cooperative, and other lawyers. Only one of those numbers was operational yesterday: the one used to call in case of arrests. The person who answers the phone is part of a first group that filters calls, channels cases and has a direct line with lawyers. It is the telephone reception of the “central” call.

It is also in charge of contacting the relatives of possible arrests with the lawyers, albeit unofficially, “not to block the service.” If someone calls asking for the whereabouts of a person who has participated in the riots, in less than a quarter of an hour they confirm whether or not he has been arrested.

The message provides another telephone number to call the public autonomous television TV3 “to send images of possible incidents.”

And he ends up indoctrinating: “Let’s break the silence, let’s end impunity.”

These instructions were already popularized by social networks on 1-O but now they have resurfaced, again by the hand of Solidària Alert, the self-styled «Organization Antirepressant of Independent Esquerra», which on Twitter also provides an account number to capture funds «for solidarity causes».

The actions of the independence movement are commercialized while their modus operandi is professionalized. A group of students, most of them with their faces covered, pressed the rector of the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona on Thursday to close the campus.

One of the professors of this university tells EL MUNDO that María José Figueras tried to reason with them, explaining why he could not close, because his initial intention was to maintain the minimum services of the strike and suspend only exams and academic activities with evaluation load. However, the hooded men rebuked her and ordered her: “The strike is the strike, close.” Figueras ended up giving in to harassment, pressured and against her will, to “avoid confrontations that could lead to physical and material damage.”

Classes were also suspended at the Pompeu Fabra and at the University of Girona, while the University of Barcelona left the deans the possibility of closing for security reasons.

At the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the Antena 3 cameras captured the moment when a CDR command dressed in black from top to bottom and with balaclava assaulted the Faculty of Science, sneaking through the classroom windows to enter the building in a synchronized action that was performed after cutting the access road to the campus.


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