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Mr. Puigdemont could stop eating mussels at Chez Leon (excellent, by the way) and return to Catalonia, where we will receive him with relief even those of us who might not vote for him even in full alcohol poisoning.

Javier Melero 4 October 2021


You don’t have to be a fervent supporter of Mr Puigdemont – he can even be hated as much as tarantulas – for one to realize that things can’t go on like this. That a Spanish MEP cannot be detained in his jurisdiction (the territory of the Union) based on inscrutable police criteria, whether he travels by car or plane, or the interpretation that may be given to court orders whose validity we no longer reach to understand not even professionals in the field.

Tell me if watching the debate between Judge Llarena and the State Bar on whether or not the euro order is in force, your soul does not fall to your feet.

I suggest that Puigdemont be pardoned with the utmost urgency and the most honorable conditions for his return.
In Sardinia, Mr Puigdemont said that Spain does not miss any opportunity to make a fool of itself and, as irritating as it may be to have to admit it, this time he was absolutely right. As you will see, what matters here is not the greater or lesser political profit that Mr. Puigdemont can obtain from this series of nonsense, but the evil that the country’s institutions have caused themselves since the dawn of the judicial internationalization of the process.

Since then, the Spanish courts (prestigious, and of those that have received the fewest sentences from the ECHR) have been questioned by the jurisdictions of other countries in a regrettable drift to which the end must be sought. This is deeply unfair to the honest professionals who run the machinery of justice every day and who do not deserve a general disqualification; a corrosive reproof.

The Supreme Court has handed down a multitude of exemplary judgments that are studied in the law schools of a good number of countries and has advanced criminal legislation with jurisprudence of high technical quality. It cannot be that all this is ruined by persevering in a maximalist attitude, as if, if not, civilization as we know it would inevitably collapse.

Because I assure you that you can be an enthusiastic advocate for the Supreme Court without having to laugh at it all thanks. And its resolutions can be deferred (with the utmost respect, as we say in the toga) without incurring a crime against the country.

And it must not happen that the errors made in the processing of the Euro-orders or in the justification of the decisions adopted in this case end up causing a feeling of imprecision and clumsiness that generates a profoundly demoralizing effect on the public and highly dangerous.

Note how the recent phenomenon of disqualifying any judicial decision has consequences in matters such as public order and the safety of members of the police. How there are sectors of the population identified with the procés that have a show to label justice as illegitimate and the police who act in compliance with the law as occupying forces. That is why it is so dangerous that the courts can come to seem like a bureaucracy blind to all discussion regarding the ends and redundant and ineffective as regards the means.

Justice cannot continue to be the whistle of the traditional enemies of Spain (apparently, Belgium, Scotland, Germany and some other), nor can our institutions end up vilified and with less prestige than the tailor of a scarecrow. Stop the outrage and take action. Of course, since, unfortunately, the times are not there to declare war on anyone, we will have to try somewhat more subtle strategies.

And since I do not see it feasible for anyone to eat Mr. Puigdemont (as Jonathan Swift proposed to do with the children of the poor in Ireland), I humbly suggest that the Government pardon him with the utmost urgency – which is legally possible. – and offer you the most honorable conditions for the return. If, as some chronicler from the capital says every day, getting great, Mr. Puigdemont is more defeated than Barça in the Champions League, what better title of honor for the State than to practice the virtue of generosity and stop making us all blush with the funny evolution of this sad story.

Mr. Puigdemont could stop eating mussels at Chez Leon (excellent, by the way) and return to Catalonia, where we will receive him with relief even those of us who might not vote for him even in full alcohol poisoning.



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