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La Tribune de Genève - The secessionist project is in essence totalitarian and in no way shares our democratic values

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François Meylan – President and founder of the non-political association “Catalunya people of Spain”

Posted: 11/09/2020, 12:14 PM

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov says Lenin prepared the Bolshevik revolution from Carouge, Geneva. In 1937, the University of Lausanne awarded an honorary doctorate to fascist Benito Mussolini. Our country was among the first to recognize the legitimacy of dictator Francisco Franco etc. Let’s learn from the past. Let us not repeat the same mistakes with the Catalan separatist apparatus.

First, it does not share our democratic values. We will see why. Second, this movement does not represent the Catalan and Spanish social majority which is attached to living together and to the unity of Spain. On the one hand, this revisionist current tries to cover up thirty years of illicit activities. Mainly, on the part of a corrupt bourgeoisie (3% affaires; the Palace of Music; the schemes of Jordi Pujol, Artur Mas, etc, etc). On the other hand, we are faced with a totalitarian and expansionist left impersonated by the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) whose sulfurous past takes us back to the 1930s. The mass killings perpetrated under the leadership of its founder Lluís Companys the follower of “expeditious democracy.” The ERC made no secret of its sympathy for Mussolini. The Catalan-born Spanish socialist Josep Borrell describes this particular association very well: the alliance of water with fire. Or crime with ideology.

The ERC, like other separatist factions, imposes on Catalan streets and newsrooms the Estelada – a banner adorned with a white star over a blue triangle – which is not the Catalan flag. It is only the banner of the separatists. The ERC feeds the ideology of conquering territories that go from Roussillon to the community of Valence. Encompassing the Catalan autonomy, the Balearic Islands and the south of Aragon. This is the fantasy of writer Joan Fuster. The separatist design is, in more ways than one, surreal.

Let us return to the attempted coup d’état of September and October 2017, in Catalan autonomy. The apparatus which is also made up of lobbyists Òmnium Cultural (International Trial Watch included) and the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), without ever benefiting from the social majority, muzzles the opposition; violates the constitution of the country and the statute of autonomy; tramples on the electoral law; organizes an illegal referendum against a backdrop of embezzlement.

In Switzerland, we do not share this vision of democracy. This procedure falls under article 265 of our Criminal Code, Crimes against the State and National Defense. It is surprising that the separatist propagandist Diplocat, at rue Rousseau 38, in Geneva, acts in our territory as an ambassador that it is not. We find its imprint at the town hall of Delémont; at the University of Geneva; at the Book Fair; at the Swiss Press Club; behind a handful of national advisers, etc. It is fortunate that the association Catalunya people of Spain, who make the voice of the Catalan social majority heard, have filed petition No. 19.2032 in the Federal Chancellery to close this office. We comply with the precautionary principle.



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