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Demolishing story about the precariousness of the employees of the pro-independence entity, which accuses Paluzie of demonstrating on May 1 while promoting ‘low-incomers’

María Jesús Cañizares
04.06.2020 13:03 h. Updated: 04.06.2020 13:06 h.

Joan Canadell, President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, in a photo from image archives / EUROPA PRESS

Labor abuses, rights violations, precariousness of workers, politicization of the workforce, nepotism, mismanagement … In this way, a former employee of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) describes the treatment that the independence entity, in the phase of renovation of its structures of direction, offers to its employees.

The account that Christophe Bostyn, who presents himself as a teacher, writer and communication expert, has made on social networks describes in detail those alleged labor abuses in the entity now chaired by Elisenda Paluzie. And it provides documentation.

He assures that, for two years, the workers have tried to solve the situation internally without success. “I joined the ANC in April 2017, after three years of volunteering”, he explains. He was assured that he would receive 1,400 euros per month, a figure that “seemed little to me”, given his condition as a graduate, but “he hardly knew that there are people in the ANC, almost at retirement age who earn ‘low-incomer’ salaries.”

Behave or we’ll kick you out”

The complainant signed a temporary contract for a fixed position. “I signed three six-month contracts before being indefinite. Later I understood the reason (…) obviously the same as always where the subordination and domination of the worker is cultivated: behave yourself and do what we tell you or we will throw you out. In fact it is what Joan Canadell told us one day”. He refers to the president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, a member of the ANC, who made “an unacceptable offer” to workers.

The ANC is described as an entity with good intentions, but “a disaster in practice”. And after concluding that “too many intolerable things were happening in the ANC”, he informed the new coordinator of his commission. But without success. Nor did the attempt to make a workers’ assembly succeed, although in October 2018 they produced an improvement document.

“People who were worn out and disgusted with the Assembly’s employment situation”, the former employee describes, while reproaching Paluzie for coming to “make great speeches on May 1 about the Republic of Social Rights, but in your own home” don’t complain, at university things are even worse’”

The complainant accuses Canadell of paying a productivity bonus “to workers who behave”



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