October 3, 2023

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Josep Martí: "proclaiming independence with 47% of the vote is irresponsible"

The former communication secretary of the Government in Artur Mas’s time, Josep Martí Blanch, has now acknowledged that they “cheated” during the independence process when asserting that “State structures were underway”. This is what he admitted on Wednesday at the talk show of El món a Rac1, where he stated that “proclaiming independence with 47% of the votes is irresponsible”.

“The fact is that there was no democratic mandate to proclaim independence. There is not a majority of the country endorsing this. The pro-independence parties acted with great irresponsibility from that democratic point of view which is so much invoked. If this is to do with democracy, then it is to do with democracy for all “, has indicated.

Blanch has stressed that the elections confirm that “the independence movement has the backing to keep its political project on the agenda, but does not have the guarantee to proclaim independence”. “Yes, there was deception”, has stressed the ex- high officer of the Generalitat, in that before the 1-O the pro-independence leaders affirmed that “everything was prepared” and that “the path to make effective the Republic was prepared so that all the structures of State were underway”.

Josep Martí has ​​affirmed that “from the Generalitat no state structure can be built to make secession effective”. He has also admitted that “everyone knew that there is nobody in the world who moves a finger for a new country that declares independence as if this were a banana republic”.

The former communication secretary of the Government has concluded that using the expressions “wait for the momentum”, “the mandate of October 1” or “a declared but suspended Republic” is “hooliganism”.



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