March 28, 2023

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The order alters the product of historical events. This chronology selects facts, not their order, under the thesis that, once again, the Catalan elite fired identitarianism with the aim of staying in power until the crisis of 2008 happened.

Referendum of the Spanish Constitution. 68% participation in Catalonia, Yes: 88.5%.

Referendum on the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia: 60% participation, Yes: 88.1%

Jordi Pujol rejects an economic concert similar to Basque in Catalonia.

Pujol won the power with the votes of ERC in favor, but with the father’s advice against him (“do not get in politics, Jordi”).

The National Court (Jiménez-Villarejo) processes the complaint against the Board of Directors of Banca Catalana, including its executive vice president, Jordi Pujol i Soley.


Pujol receives the support of thousands of protesters when being charged by the case Banca Catalana: “Do not play with Catalonia”.

He was soon dismissed.

Pujol is re-elected President by CiU, ERC and AP MPs. From the balcony of the Generalitat, he denounces the complaint as an attack to Catalonia: “When we speak of morality and clean play, we can talk to ourselves, not them!”, “One does not play with Catalonia.” 300,000 Catalans call “Felipe and Guerra attack our land.” Opponents of the PSC are screamed and threatened (Botiflers !, kill them !, says LV).

The Audiencia de Barcelona absolves Pujol.

ERC, who has just achieved its worst election results (8%), is declared for the first time a pro-independence party.

The Government of Pujol approves the Catalonia 2000 Plan to socialize nationalism. The Government of Pujol approves the Catalonia 2000 Plan for the “infiltration of nationalism”. “Catalanization of teaching programs”, “approval of [educational] programs for people of trust”. “Catalanizing sporting and recreational activities”. “To introduce nationalist people to all the key positions of the media”. He received a minimal popular or media opposition.

An anonymous note sent to the Treasury denounces the diversion of funds to the Palau de la Música. Mossos is notified but no action is taken.

CiU loses the government at the hands of the Tripartite. Ferrusola describes it as if they had forced their home.

Attacks of 11M in Madrid and change of presidency of Aznar to Zapatero.

President Maragall accused CiU in his parliamentary office of charging illegal commissions of 3% for public project awards. The Catalan press does not investigate. But Mas is publicly threatening of not doing what they will finally do.

Writing the new Statute for a parliamentary committee and approved in Parliament by Tripartite + CiU.

Statute agreed between Zapatero and the leader of the Catalan opposition, Artur Mas.

Statute approved in the Senate (votes against PP and ERC).

Approved in referendum with 49% participation and 74% of the votes.

The list of Liechtenstein evaders is filtered.

The financial crisis explodes in the US, the fall of Lehman-Brothers.

The real estate crisis explodes in Spain.

Detention for the Pretoria case of Macià Alavedra and Lluís Prenafeta.

Falciani collaborates with European countries with HSBC’s list of evaders while extending awareness of ending tax havens.

Garzón (National Court) investigates the Gürtel Case. First detainees.

The unemployment rate has doubled in the first year of crisis, in Catalonia and in Spain.

Judicial complaint against Fèlix Millet for the Palau de la Música case, which will end up closing the CDC headquarters. The independent drift of CDC has not yet started.

J.M. Ximenis (from CUP known for opinions like “the Spanish mentality takes in their genes to be a sentinel”) convenes a independentist consultation in Arenys de Munt (at the proposal of J.M. Ximenis, CUP).

TC ruling cutting the new Statute. Great demonstration against this cutting in Barcelona.

The conversation is recorded in the restaurant La Camarga between the former of J. Pujol jr. and Sanchez-Camacho.

The Lagarde d’Evasors list is sent from France to Greece.

Revealed accounts evaded by Artur Mas (father) in Liechtenstein.

Artur Mas is invested president.

Judge Alaya opens the ERE case in Seville.



In 2011 Turull (CDC) accused the 15M of coup d’état

and to play with fire. Carod-Rovira (ERC) demanded that the

Catalans of 15M “manifest, indignate, piss, paint,

write and insult, where it correspond: in their country. “

Zapatero refuses to appear for re-election.

movement explodes against corruption. ERC attacks this left-wing movement frontally, as does the rest of nationalism.

Concentration in Plaza Catalunya repressed with more police charges for the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The multinational Catalan game Cirsa donates € 900,000 to CDC (now PDECat), just 3% of the benefit of a contract covered by the Generalitat.

PP supports the 2011 Artur Mas budgets

Siege of Parliament by the outraged 15M. More police charges. The Mas government accesses the Parliament by helicopter.

An order from Court number 9 in Barcelona sees rational indications of involvement of Jordi Pujol son to the ITV case.


Mas has defended his treasurer Osácar, manager

from the golden age of the alleged commissions of 3 and 4%.

The 11th September Catalan day only brings together 8,000 independentists in Arc de Triomf.

Two meetings of the Dome of CDC and the Pujol family plan a separatist drift.

PP supports the 2012 Artur Mas budgets.

Pujol is converted into indepentism and begins to give interviews everywhere.

CDC defends independence for the first time in its congress.

The ANC is constituted.

CiU supports the laws of anti-social damages of Rajoy, although the PP already has an absolute majority.

The investigation of the ITV case, which points to Oriol Pujol, is going through the media.

Embargo of the CDC headquarters in relation to the Palau case. ERC avoids making Mas appear in Parliament. Mas supports independence.

Meeting between Generalitat, CCMA and TV3 to promote an independentist day.

Day with record rally in Barcelona, ​​with CiU convening for independence. More than half a million protesters. Secessionism becomes the main stream. On the 20th, Mas declared publicly in favor of independence.

The Lagarde d’Evasors list is published in Greece.

Early elections in Catalonia: CiU loses 12 seats in favor of ERC. Both make a pact for a rupture program.

Artur Mas is re-elected president with the votes of ERC.

Filtered report of the UDEF involving the Pujol in tax evasion.

Publication of the conversation of La Camarga. Ex-partner of Pujol jr. start talking

Cas Bárcenas (illegal financing of the PP) opened by El Mundo.

The unemployment rate reaches the highest in Catalonia.

The Generalitat creates the advisory board of the process: CATN.

Day with a human chain of 300-500 thousand people asking for a referendum on independence.

Mas convokes query on independence for 9-N, which is illegalized by the Constitutional Court.

The World publishes the income of the Pujol family to the Private Bank of Andorra.

Pujol father admits having evaded millions to tax havens. Commotion to the nationalism that still remained negationist.


Marta Ferrussola withdrew the black money

presumably the fruit of illegal commissions and

accumulated in Andorra and quote the thousands

of euros as “missals”.

Independence inquiry. Participation: 37.0%; Yes-Yes: 80.8%

The councilor M. Gassull in Torredembarra must leave ERC when opening the case 3%. “Well, obviously, Oriol Junqueres knew about it. I went with him to an act in Tarragona.”

Puigdemont becomes president with the votes of ERC + CiU + CUP. The Junts-pel-Sí government announces express independence in 18 months.

Millet and Montull declare before the judge about the Cas Palau, inculcating CDC treasurer Daniel Osàcar to charge commissions to companies in exchange for the award of public works.

JxS + CUP change the rules of the Parliament to change the agenda without going through the transitory law without debate.

An explosion in Alcanar kills an imam and another Moroccan citizen who had had previous contacts with Mossos and the Guardia Civil. They misinterpret it as a gas accident instead of explosives. The terrorist cell flees.

A triple djihadist terrorist attack on Las Ramblas, Esplugues and Cambrils causes 21 dead, including 5 attackers. Trapero Police chief and Minister Forn accused the director of El Periódico “of writing to dictation” for having published a warning from the US secret services to the Mossos that warned of the danger of attack on the Ramblas.

The demonstration of popular condemnation is used by the ANC as a pro-independence act.

In Parliament, JxS + CUP violate the Statute and the regulations of the Parliament to approve the transitory law and the “referendum”, preventing the opinion of the Council of Statutory Guarantees. The de facto repeal of the Constitution and the Statute and the disconnection of the State were approved during a change in the agenda, with 52% of parliamentarians representing 48% of Catalans.

The presidents of ANC and Òmnium organize a siege at the Ministry of Economy, where a judicial secretary and members of the Civil Guard, who investigated the organization of the illegal referendum, are trapped for 6 hours. The Mossos do not intervene until late at night.


The presidents of ANC and Òmnium during the siege at the Ministry of Economy

The Mossos d’Esquadra confirm that they will enforce the law and the Constitution and will refrain the referendum.

Wikileaks, Assange and the Russian media networks become the main international speaker of the Process, collaborating in the dissemination of fakenews.

The government conducts the consultation disobeying the Constitutional T. Intervention on the Internet and charges of the Civil Guard try to prevent it. The Mossos do not intervene. The Process achieves international media impact thanks to evictions and charges to seize the ballot boxes.

First great demonstrations against the process and the unity of Spain, in Barcelona.

President Puigdemont, in Parliament, makes an ambiguous declaration of independence and annuls it minutes later. Two weeks of institutional discussion, begin to epistle about its meaning.


October 10 Independence lasted 40 seconds,

far behind the 8 hours

Lluís Companys kept it before being jailed by

his DUI in 1934.

The presidents of the ANC and Òmnium Cultural are imprisoned by the National Hearing to see danger of recidivism in the presumed crime of sedition in directing the events of September 20.

Puigdemont does not clarify whether or not there was a declaration. The Government of the State announces for the 27th vote the Senate vote on article 155 for assuming powers of the Generalitat.

Banco Sabadell, CaixaBank and thousands of companies move their headquarters to other places in Spain.

Puigdemont tries to summon elections, but gives way the pressure of the most radical sectors and retracts.

Judge Lamela intercepts a group of Mossos with 30,000 documents in the incinerator of Sant Adrià. Spying on protesters opposed to independence.

Parliament meets and votes on a DUI simulacrum (Unilateral Declaration of Independence). There are no celebrations out of some gathered at Pça Sant Jaume. The Senate meets and allows to activate article 155, giving the Government full control over the Generalitat. Rajoy immediately dismisses Puigdemont and the councilors and calls for elections on 21-D.

There is still no celebration (neither institutional nor spontaneous) of the “birth of the new state of Europe”.


October 27 This second independence

lasted 45 minutes, the time it passed

between the vote in Parliament and the vote for

allowing the activation of article 155, to the Senate.

The faces of Puigdemont and Junqueras exactly

four seconds after the exciting approval

of the declaration of independence.

Puigdemont flees to Brussels with 5 advisers.

The rest of the government is imprisoned preventively by the National Court for the risk of recidivism in the possible crimes of embezzlement of funds, sedition and rebellion.

Intersindical-CSC, a minority independentist union, convenes a general strike “against cuts” that collapse with pickets the transport sector of a good part of Catalonia despite little follow-up.

Assange meeting, Oriol Soler and Andreu Grinyó in London.

Clients withdraw 31.4 million euros of their deposits from the Catalan banking offices.

Ciudadanos win the elections in Parliament (the first time a non-nationalist party does so). 79% participation (only under 1982). Independence loses 2 seats but maintains an absolute majority with only 47.5% of the votes. The left is very punished.

Tabarnia and the results of the 2015 elections.

A Catalan satirical region called Tabarnia and formed by the zones with a majority unionist vote is viralised. Imitating the separatist scheme, the Tabarnians want to become independent from Catalonia to stay in Spain

The judge sent 4 other advisers to preventive jail, including Forn, and the former president of the Parliament, Forcadell, accused of embezzlement of public funds and rebellion. Marta Rovira and Anna Gabriel do not appear to declare at the court and flee to Switzerland. Protests and charges of the Mossos.

The Congress ends the presidency of Rajoy in motion of censorship and makes president Pedro Sanchez.

Ponsatí excounselor, fleeing to Edinburgh, admits that “everyone knows we were playing poker and ‘bluff’.” Apparently, however, not everyone knew that because the bases of sovereignty entered into an unprecedented crisis and division as a result of the deception.

New Government of Torra and New Government of Sánchez

Parliament invested the president Quim Torra i Pla, a recent author of supremacist writings and a xenophobe who receive international praise for qualifying those Catalans who “bribe them all that is not Spanish and in Spanish” as ” “carrion” beasts that “gurgle disrupted and nauseating hate” and suffer “bumps in their DNA.”


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