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Only in Catalan. Through their official channels, the formations have announced that their candidates have no intention of expressing themselves in Spanish despite the fact that the debate is broadcast throughout Spain on public TV.

Raúl Pozo 31/01/2021

Laura Borràs, JxCat candidate for the Generalitat / EP

A new linguistic controversy in Catalonia is served. The debate of the candidates for the Generalitat that takes place this Sunday on TVE has already heated up many hours before starting due to the refusal expressed by some of the participants to use Spanish, as had been agreed upon as it was a broadcast addressed to all of Spain through public television.

However, at least three formations, JxCat, ERC and the CUP, have made it clear in the last hours that their candidates will only use Catalan in the debate; in addition, some of them specify that they have made this circumstance known to TVE.

Borràs, always in Catalan

This is the case, without going any further, of JxCat. Its communication director, Pere Martí Colom, has assured through his account on the social network Twitter that the candidate of the training to preside over the Generalitat, Laura Borràs, will not use Spanish in the debate.
“From the first moment we communicated to TVE that our candidate, Laura Borràs, will only express herself in Catalan during the debate, as she has always done,” says Martí.

“A common good”

In the case of the CUP, it has been directly his candidate, Carles Riera, who has advanced his intention to use only the Catalan language in the act scheduled for this Sunday night.

“Tomorrow I will speak in Catalan, the language of cohesion, a common good of our Country that we want to share with the whole world,” says Riera, who, at the same time, collects the official communication, also via Twitter, from the CUP in this regard: “The CUP has informed TVE today that it will hold the debate entirely in Catalan ”.

Reaction against

In addition, this party urges in the same communication the rest of the candidates to do the same and the public television management to rectify.

TVE established that the debate would take place in Spanish, which has already provoked angry reactions in the surroundings of the separatist formations.

Complaints from workers

In addition, the CUP also echoes a statement issued by representatives of the workers of the public entity in Catalonia in which they express their dissatisfaction with the fact that the debate is going to take place in Spanish and that the moderator has not been elected among the staff of TVE-Catalunya.

“It is the first time that a debate on candidates organized by TVE for a Catalan election is broadcast exclusively in Spanish by TVE”, reads the aforementioned note. For its part, ERC also intends for Pere Aragonès to express himself in Catalan tonight. The controversy is served.



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