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Analysis of Candidates' performance in the first debate for the 14-February Catalan elections

Xavier Sardà – 30/01/2021

Candidates for the autonomous elections of Catalonia

On Friday, the candidates met for the first time. Here’s the 1 to 1:

Carrizosa (C’s). Disarmed. Ciutadans still cannot find an explanation for not having presented a proposal to govern Catalonia, after the electoral victory.

(JxCat). Reliever. She has decisively taken over from the magical independence movement. Effectively, she is applying to Aragonès the same recipe that Junqueras applied to Artur Mas: “You are a dumb.”

Aragonès (ERC). Blurred. He does not know how to sell the work of the Government or the votes of Rufián supporting the PSOE. He does not defend one-sidedness but he does not renounce it. Junqueras is coming to the rescue.

Illa (PSC). Agglutinator. He managed to present himself as the alternative for those who are already tired of the “Puigdemont against Junqueras” series.

Albiach (Comuns). No aim. Determined to be scandalized by Canadell’s exclusive statements (unknown beyond TV3), when Junqueras, Borràs and Torra have as much or more intense statements on their service sheets. Her potential voters are more in ERC and CUP than in the Chamber of Commerce.

Sabater (CUP). Comfortable. She has no interested competitors in her electoral base.

Fernández (PP). Skilled. The precedents of the PSC pacts in Badalona and Castelldefels are well caught to raise doubts about the PSC.

Chacón (PDECat). Meritorious. But her exercise of realism will fall on deaf ears if Mas-Colell does not make an electoral announcement denying the ‘fake news’ of the magical pro-independence movement. Mas-Colell could reiterate what she said that independence would generate a “small surplus” economic and not the “largest surplus in the West”, as Junqueras claimed. As long as independence is synonymous with 16,000 million, the independentists will vote on the fast track and without thinking twice.

Garriga (Vox). Monothematic. Effective initially presenting himself as the different, although he devoted himself exclusively to stigmatizing immigration. This is just the beginning. We will see how it continues, with a certain emotion.



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