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The nationalist and constitutionalist parties coincide in pointing to the socialist candidate and still the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, as the rival to beat in the 14F elections. The nationalist and constitutionalist parties have coincided this Saturday in launching harsh attacks against the candidate of the PSC to the autonomic elections of 14F, Salvador Illa, in their pre-electoral campaign acts.

Alejandro Tercero 23.01.2021

The Minister of Health and PSC candidate for the 14F elections, Salvador Illa / EFE

The nationalist and constitutionalist parties have coincided this Saturday in launching harsh attacks against the candidate of the PSC to the autonomic elections of 14F, Salvador Illa, in their pre-electoral campaign acts.

ERC, JxCat, PDECat, CUP, the Comuns, Ciudadanos and the PP have pointed to the still Minister of Health as the main rival to beat in the elections that, for now – already awaiting the last word from the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) -, remain for the next February 14.

ERC: “Vox bets on Illa”

The ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has summoned Illa to clarify whether he would accept Vox’s votes, after the secretary general of the far-right formation, Javier Ortega Smith, assured this Friday that he would facilitate the investiture of Illa to avoid “a government of coup leaders or separatists.”

In an act in Lleida, the regional vice president has denounced an alleged “State operation that uses all the tools that it has, be it justice, be it economic powers, be it media powers to try to get a Spanish minister to end up presiding over the Generalitat of Catalonia”. “The last to sign up for this state operation is the extreme right of Vox. Vox bets on Salvador Illa so that ERC does not preside over the Generalitat of Catalonia,” he added.

Aragonès, about Serret: “If you don’t want broth, two cups”

Aragonès has claimed his party as the best option to achieve “recognition of the right of self-determination of the citizens of Catalonia.”

In addition, he highlighted the election of the former Minister Meritxell Serret –fled to Belgium since 2017 and current delegate of the Generalitat to the EU – as number two for Lleida to replace the Minister of Foreign Action, Bernat Solé, disqualified this week for facilitating on 1-O when he was mayor. “If they don’t want us to put people committed to 1-O on the lists, if they don’t want broth, two cups,” Aragonès has sentenced.

JxCat: “Fascist votes are not accepted”

In the same way, the JxCat candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Laura Borràs, has urged Illa to publicly reject the support of the Vox deputies in a hypothetical investiture.

“Fascism is fought and votes from fascists are not accepted. We have had an unfortunate example in the Barcelona City Council and therefore I hope that Illa comes out and reconsiders and goes out to say what ethically should be said: not to take advantage of the votes of the fascists to be president of an institution “, Borràs indicated in a ceremony at the Ateneu Barcelonès in which the fugitive ex-president Carles Puigdemont intervened online. “I hope that Illa shows this ethical demand in the first person and rejects what in itself should be ethically rejectable,” Borràs insisted.

Cs: “The Illa effect is disaster and chaos”

Citizens’ deputy Nacho Martín has charged against the socialist candidate for putting his electoral interests before health interests and the management of the pandemic.

A few words that reiterate the position of the orange candidate, Carlos Carrizosa, in an interview published by Crónica Global, in which he calls the so-called Illa effect “disaster and chaos”, in addition to warning that a third tripartite “would be the prelude to a new ‘procés’ “.

PP: Illa should lead the fight against the pandemic.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, in an act in Barcelona to support his 14F candidate, Alejandro Fernández, has also criticized Illa for campaigning instead of being in Madrid leading the fight against the pandemic.

“Instead of thinking about the good of the Catalans, Illa is thinking about the electoral revenue of the PSC. The PP is the only possible change in Catalonia because the rest has already been tried and has been a failure in the last legislatures”, he has Married.

The Comuns see “irresponsible” the act of the PSOE

The candidate of the Comuns, Jéssica Albiach, has asked Illa a question: “Mr. Minister, Mr. PSC candidate, would you accept the support of Vox or would you commit yourself – as did the PSOE and other democratic forces in Congress– to reject the support of an extreme right-wing party? “

For her part, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has described as “irresponsible” the presence in the city in an act “to campaign” electoral of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and Minister Illa in the face of the elections of the February 14th. “Illa and Sánchez are in BCN to … announce measures? No, to campaign. It is irresponsible and disrespectful. Either minister or candidate: don’t play with our health,” she has indicated on Twitter.

PDECat asks Illa to leave the ministry

The PDECat candidate, Àngels Chacón, has spoiled the PSOE with her “interventionist tics” that have led to her having “de facto applied a 155 to the PSC”, and has urged Illa to leave the Ministry of Health.

“The Minister of Health is already taking time to stop being a minister, because at the moment we do not know if his decisions belong to partisan interests or are due to responsibilities of the Ministry of Health,” Chacón said in statements to the press after visiting a sports center in Barcelona.

The CUP, against Vox

Finally, the CUP candidate, Dolors Sabater, has focused her criticism on Vox. “We are covering them under the protection of a supposedly misunderstood freedom of expression,” he said in a pre-election ceremony.



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