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Only one in ten Catalans endorses it, according to SCC. The vast majority prefer a trilingual (64%) or bilingual (21%) system, with a similar proportion of Catalan and Spanish. Catalan Civil Society (SCC) has presented this Monday a survey prepared by GAD3 from which it appears that the linguistic immersion model only has the support of 9% of Catalans against a majority that asks for a teaching model that guarantees trilingualism.

21 December 2020

The survey reveals that the majority of Catalans (80%) do not consider that there is discrimination based on language in Catalonia. 60% also think that the current linguistic model does not harm personal or work life, although 33% do believe that the learning system basically in Catalan “hinders some aspects of the development of my work, professional or social life”.

60% of the citizens say that “the first language of educational contact should be the parents’ language”. At the same time, almost two out of three Catalans defend the existence of a common test of Spanish at the end of ESO throughout the State. In which there is almost full unanimity is when rejecting (82%) the policy of linguistic fines of the Generalitat.

The results of the study have been explained at a press conference in the Senate by the GAD3 consultant Itziar Francín, who has been accompanied by the president of SCC, Fernando Costa, the president of the Assembly for a Bilingual School, Ana Losada, and with the support by the Popular Parliamentary Group.

Costa has highlighted that “what this survey reveals is something as simple as that the Catalans want the best education for their children, and they know that this is far from the monolingual imposition system shielded by the Generalitat”. “Bilingualism and trilingualism cannot be an elite privilege but a right for everyone. The Government of Spain still has time to listen to the voice of the Catalan citizenship and regain the vehicular character of Castilian in the LOMLOE”, he concluded.



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