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The constitutional entity will track possible irregularities in privileges, subsidies, mismanagement, favoring networks and 'shady companies' such as those of the Generalitat

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12.12.2020 19:18 h.

Facade of the Palau de la Generalitat, with staff removing partisan banners and yellow ribbons of support for the politicians imprisoned by the ‘procés’ / EP

Societat Civil Catalana (SCC) has presented this Saturday its Observatory of waste and bad government, an initiative with which this constitutional entity and contrary to the independence movement wants to publicize “cases of abuse, waste and corruption in the management of public resources” in Catalonia.

In a statement, SCC informs that the aforementioned observatory will have a web page that will be used as a “repository” and will be divided into six areas: privileges, corruption of public officers, improper management, shady companies, subsidies and infrastructure.

Spending control

“Verified news will be collected on these issues and at the same time a proactive tracking of the decisions of the political power will be carried out through the official documents of the Generalitat, the provincial councils and city councils”, SCC explains in its note, adding that “it has a group of experts and volunteers who will help in the daily tracking of news and official documents”.

The president of the entity, Fernando Sánchez Costa, has defended that “an independent observatory is essential to monitor the spending and waste of the Catalan administration”.

Favoring networks and nationalist ‘shady companies’

“With our effort and with our work, the Catalans pay too many shady companies, unnecessary structures and favoring networks of the nationalist power. All this must be studied, known and denounced”, he added. In this sense, it should be remembered that the entity in the past estimated the number of shady companies of the Generalitat at 350.

Sánchez Costa has also stressed that “the problem in Catalonia is not so much that the Government is pro-independence, but that the Government is incompetent. The nationalist governments of the last decade have led us into a clear economic, institutional and social decline”.



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