June 15, 2024

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In the midst of the health, social and economic crisis due to the pandemic, the nationalist formation appeals to "massive civil disobedience" to create "a situation of collapse" in Spain


In the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis, which has led to a serious social and economic crisis in Catalonia and the rest of the world, the CUP calls for the convening of a referendum on “self-determination” in Catalonia to aggravate the “conflict” with Spain .

The self-styled pro-independence “left” sets itself as a priority objective to organize a secession referendum before 2025 as a new “conflictive element with the Spanish State”, something that allows the mechanism to resolve what they call “national conflict” in the center of the board. .


This is clear from the political proposal that the CUP has approved this Friday to stand in the next regional elections on February 14 in Catalonia. Elections in which he aspires to become a “key agent” to set “the country’s social and political agenda,” as announced in a statement.

The proposal of the ultranationalist formation considers that the State “will not facilitate a democratic solution to the conflict” and that it will deploy “all the repression that is necessary”, for which it defends that the only way to be able to exercise “sovereignty in all areas” is “conflict as an engine of change”.

Along these lines, the CUP advocates that the institutions “reinforce the conflict with the State”, question “their limits of competence and their violations of rights” and push into a scenario of “massive civil disobedience” that ends up generating “a situation of collapse “that allows the conflict to be resolved” through the exercise of self-determination. “


“We are committed to working to generate the optimal conditions to make a break with the Spanish State effective on our path to independence”, they affirm in their document.

Like the post-convergents of JxCat and the fugitive Carles Puigdemont, the CUP emphasizes that “we need to take the initiative again in the confrontation with the State to defend our rights and freedoms as a people,” they argue.

“Unilateral rupture”

In a statement, the CUP assures that the party has approved this proposal and, after that, will publicly present its “strategic plan” for the Catalan elections in a ceremony on December 3 at the old Fabra i Coats factory in Barcelona.

The “cupaires” argue that a referendum to resolve the conflict can only be possible in two ways: a negotiation with the State that includes the recognition of Catalonia as a nation and allowing what they call Catalonia’s “right to self-determination”, or exercising it “through a unilateral democratic break “.

Against the law and in favor of boycotts

In its document, the CUP emphasizes the need to internationalize the Catalan ultra-nationalist conflict, although it warns that “international institutions will not act governed by the defense of rights, but must be forced to do so under conditions that make their lack of positioning. “

For the CUP, Catalan society must assume power “via overflow” (sic), which “dismantles the thesis of the passage from law to law”, for which they consider that disobedience should be based on “a massive mobilization, permanent and sustained “.

The pro-independence formation also raises in its political proposal a “disconnection, non-collaboration and boycott” of those companies of the Ibex-35 that, in its peculiar way of seeing, “participated in the boycott” of the illegal referendum of secession of October 1. 2017.



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