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They assure that this objective "is perfectly compatible with our aspiration to have an independent country"

Josep Gisbert 16/11/2020

The party’s economic spokesperson and organization secretary, Ferran Bel, (Mariscal / EFE)

Strengthening the self-government of Catalonia is one of the main objectives that PDECat sets itself and prioritizes independence in the amendments to the general state budgets for 2021 that it plans to present tomorrow. “We aspire to strengthen self-government and give it prestige,” said the party’s economic spokesman and organization secretary, Ferran Bel, who explained that this objective “is perfectly compatible with our aspiration to have an independent country, to which we do not resign, and surely we will achieve sooner the more robust we have self-government ”.

In a press conference after a joint meeting of the PDECat deputies in the Parliament and the Congress, which was also attended by the president of the formation, David Bonvehí, and the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat at the electoral appointment of 14-F, Àngels Chacón, Bel has specified that the amendments relating to self-government will go along the line of ensuring that “the Government has more capacity to develop new competencies and at the same time more resources for the competencies it already has”.

And in this sense, given the intention of the amendments, he has expressed his confidence that they can receive the support of the other Catalan deputies in Congress. “I hope that the deputies of the Comuns and those of the PSC support these demands,” he stressed, convinced that the coincidence with the deputies of ERC will be possible, but that only this support will not be enough to move them forward. Hence, the invitation to the PSC and the Comuns. JxCat, on the other hand, has not even mentioned it.



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